Zara In Criticism – And He Is Back: The Conflict Of Conscience

by | March 5, 2017

Zara Lookbook for August.

Include Zara and co. no doubt quite fixed fashion houses, which trends from the catwalk adapt quickly. Within two weeks of pieces can from the design to the finished are produced and sold. So we have the ability to cost-effectively without thereby plunder our entire purse on our pieces of projects want to rapidly. Recent allegations that Zara in Brazil however employs “workers under terms that bordered on slavery“, as a spokesman for the Labour Inspectorate. This Act the Spanish fashion giant very cleverly and engaged a Division, that will not be brought in connection with Zara. This sub group working with illegal Schneider Studios, and could be “the average 14 hours a day under degrading conditions“ work.

And what do we do? We shop hard, like the new trend pieces such as neoprene, lace collars, two pull us tone pattern and dark blue under the spell of – here we are again once asking the business.

Because honestly, what do, if the wallet is just not sufficiently filled completely with designer – or fair trade pieces to cover themselves, which put their focus on sustainable production and the careful handling of workers? Can you say something about not nearly every companies such as H & M co? And even luxury brands chalking? Because when well-known designer curl snake leather with fur and the new must-have, animals are tortured here, extinct, and produced at the expense of others. Why criticized it because almost no one?

Zara Lookbook for August.

A price is often an indicator of quality. A high price does not mean that the product under decent conditions will be manufactured and marketed. A product, the „ made in … “ (Europe) produced was, implies so not that the piece in any case is clean gone into production, and dubious suppliers and distributors of the company never see menschenhenunwürdig let work!

We don’t know as consumers mostly, who works with whom together and like there is produced. Zara and co., but also expensive designers are under big pressure of competition and disproportionate profit margins must continue to pay for the higher floors. We remain so clueless, can not afford often sustainable pieces, can but at least be sure to let us know more and perhaps here and there to buy less when Sweden or Spanish and to put us just once a few pennies for correct and yet beautiful pieces – shirt most of us do without because at least a 5 euro but perhaps , or?

The latest Zara Lookbook hard yet it makes me, but due to the back aufploppenden message to inhumane productions, I’ll jam probably it me. Up to the next Lookbook?

Shari. The consumer has the power. Has he!

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