With These Pins, You Can Carry Your Favorite Books on The Flap

by | June 5, 2017

Customize our favorite garments, especially denim, is in fashion. It has time to recover from storerooms those pins that we used in the 90s… or, better yet, do us with some new. If, in addition, are a few madmen of the books, What better way to bring our favorite covers in our clothing or accessories. With this collection, it will be easier (and stylish) than ever.

Jane Mount is the designer responsible for these beautiful enamelled badges depicting the covers of a few classic books (and not so classic). Pride and prejudice, the little Prince, Alice in the country of the wonders, the guardian between rye, the Great Gatsby, one hundred years of solitude, Lolita, the saga of Harry Potter…

The pins have a price of 10,11 EUR and the complete collection in Ideal Bookshelf, the mark of the author page, you can find on Etsy.