Who Dominates The Front Pages of Magazines This Spring?

Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, W Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar… Since we began to sense the spring the covers of the magazines have left us more or less successful, more or less iconic looks, and a clear dominance of a particular firm.

Do you know what firm has appeared in 48 international covers? I give you a clue, it is Italian…

Prada! Exactly… Nothing more and nothing less than 48 covers, at least is what says the digital Business of Fashion.The spring 2011 is the work of Miuccia. Last season was Miu Miu who dominated the market for print media, and in 2011 have been posted that fifty covers with designs (sometimes identical) around the world.

Andrea already described as the collection of this pria as the parade and time has been given every reason.

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