What Celebrity “Sold” More Cover in 2010? and Who Was a Fiasco for The Fashion Magazines?

by | July 17, 2017

2010 has ended, and after the usual even up to 12 months of red carpets, collections and looks, touches speak of numbers, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. We speak of the celebrities who have “joined” in publications, those whose image on the cover has exhausted numbers, but also those who have subtracted and even divided, resulting in lack of interest in the public.

In a very complicated time for magazines, with advertising down rates and inserts, the numbers were never as relevant and possibly the of the 2010 Mark to those who see the tiredness in 2011 and who possibly will “cover girls” “20 page girls”.

Let’s play fortune teller, Riddle what celebrities have succeeded and those who failed in 2010? I assure you that There are surprises.

Among the celebrities who have exhausted their covers in kiosk, the unparalleled, unrivaled Lady Gaga, whose appearances sold out numbers: in Rolling Stone sold three times more than the usual numbers of the magazine. Your home in Vanity Fair America It was the second best-selling of the year, behind Angelina Jolie and the corresponding to the American cosmopolitan, again arose with the top 1 the year of publication sales.

In the top 1 of “fiasco”, Taylor Swift cover of April in Elle USA It was the worst selling magazine in 2010 and the corresponding to Glamour America the second worst sold. In Marie Claire, the interest raised wasn’t greater, being the third worse sold of the year.

And a surprise, the omnipresent Blake Lively, latest personification of the power of the image, new image of Chanel, new myth fashionista, was not so interesting for the publications. The cover of the magazine Vogue USA It was the third-worst selling of Vogue and in Esquire and the worst selling of the year. It seems that the vitamin and blonde girl gossip does not enjoy the approval of the male reader.