Wear Body Chains The Sun Absolute Contradiction or a Great Trend?

by | June 3, 2017

Celebrities like Rihanna or Kylie Jenner have been seen on foot from the beach looking beautiful body chains on numerous occasions, but is it really a trend to adopt or is it of the absolute contradiction? You wear necklaces shaped harness while you take the Sun or walk by the sea?

24 Jul, 2016 (s) 2:34 PDT

We have seen them in festivals like Coachella, Instagram is their natural habitat and some bloggers already have dared with them in key street style, but what about look body chains While we take the Sun? It actually is a real trend or we find ourselves before a? postureo only aimed to shoot a couple of photographs intended for social networks?

Be that as it may, “dress” nice body jewelry It has become the fashion of the summer and even some online shops have specialized in this type of accessories, such as Gypsy Loving Light, a website whose creator, Helen, not only sells if not that also publishes his photographs with the body chains of your site.

10-2016 (s) Jul 10:08 PDT

You atreveréis to look some of these style boho jewelry? Do you shall fall into the temptation of the? body chains?