Warmly in the Heart: Anat Fritz Autumn/Winter 2011

by | March 18, 2017

The label Anat Fritz had we reported already the one time or another and who are plaguing around this year with the recurring question, which he wants to protect his ears, which should look schleungist her on the site and after the appropriate shops of her pretty pieces: the Lookbook for fall/winter 2011 is so much fun on the cold season , that for me this year is clear: a turban at all not even funny looks and may find a place on my head this season. My eyes had to get used to at the beginning of the knotted Wollkneuel on the main, but no later than after their inspiring images I know: it looks anything but disguised.

Once went the designer on the search for the perfect headgear and decided, to take just two hooks in the hand and to create their very own handwriting. Their hats and turbans have long since become cult objects, now the good is also still on lamp shades and scents, scarves and laptop bags – and hubscht recently not only our heads. A label that is insanely fun preparing us. And not only because of their sympathetic Lookbook images. But see for yourself:

Somehow we be surprised every year when the summer goodbye, leaves surrender to gravity and we go shivering through the area. Overnight, by right now on is cold. Then hisses us the wind around the ears and leaves us jitter from the cold. This year, not with me, because I will for once be prepared.

At the photos you can see by the way the designer himself.