Vintage Fashion: Tips to Build Your Look Vintage By Liliana Coasts

by | June 5, 2017

Today the term vintage resonates in the environment. We find it associated with products such as clothing, photographs, books and even used cars or period. Indeed, fashion has been one of the culprits of this concept become a trend. But what should we look to create a vintage look? Here some tips.
The rise of the vintage, especially in regards to fashion, has been also increased by icons of style and of the cinema, and by the huge number of stylists who return to the old fashions looking for exclusivity and differentiation. Thus, If we talk about clothes, all those articles that have been created from the 20s to the 80s or early 90s are considered a potential target, especially when they bear the name of a renowned designer label.

In an era in which fashion constantly reinvents itself, buy vintage means investing, because if the acquired piece is good and is kept in good condition, will increase your appreciation with the passage of time on the market and is potentially inherited.

If you like fashion vintage and his air of reminiscence of the past, the shops of second hand of your city will become your favourite place. Most of the big cities allow to find a wide assortment of clothing, fun, elegant, and different from different decades. In addition, it is also possible to find real clothes on some web pages of online ads, and vintage fashion this style that sometimes it is possible to visit fairs.
The secret to wear vintage clothing include:
Exclusivity. Get clothing with style and good brands that are practically impossible to find today. Rescue dresses from the closet of your mother, as well as hats and caps, two of more than current fashion accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix decades with your clothes.

  • Quality. Always find quality items if you go to thrift stores, especially from great designers like Chanel or Prada. You do not buy clothes too low-cut since vintage is largely characterized by its discreet and feminine appearance. It draws on classic and used an old watch with leather strap or a medical bag that you saw take your grandma’s small.

Social and historical recognition. If you have the possibility of buying clothes that once used outstanding personages of the politics or the cinema, do not hesitate to buy them, provided they are certified. They are revalued over time and will fill your glamour look.

  • Classicism. Copy old photographs. Search among the images and postcards of fashion from different eras keys style that suit you, as the baby neck, pleats, English handkerchiefs for the head or shorts at the waist.

Always remember that vintage style is associated with creative and refined taste, so you buy clothing pieces that follow this trend on mathgeneral will fill your wardrobe of glamour and admiration among connoisseurs of design, art and fashion.