Vanessa Hudgens: Look With Leggings And Jersey Knotted In LA

by | June 13, 2017

Vanessa Hudgens: look with leggings and jersey knotted in LA. New celebrity who has bet on the tights with short T-shirt through the streets of Los Angeles, this time is Vanessa Hudgens, who certainly has type to wear what she wants, but there are certain parts that are overdone with this look.

The singer walked the streets of the city, wearing a strapped t-shirt at the waist, while trying to cover her face with her cell phone, a case full of rhinestones and stunning silver nails, walking with slippers and huge glasses Sol.

Far from the sensuality she wore in her sequined dress a few days ago in Las Vegas, Vanessa Hudgens has been out for a walk in Studio City in Los Angeles, with a rather casual and casual look, so it seems she wanted to go unnoticed for the paparazzi Who followed her, something she has not got.

While other celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence at the airport, opt for hats and sunglasses, the protagonist of “Spring Breakers” uses a new method, the mobile phone or wallet, but does not make as if it were talking, Placed in front of the face and with the size (and the bezel) that smartphones have, we almost do not see it.

The truth is that the relationship of Vanessa Hudgens with the press is not the most fluid, since a few days ago I made an ugly gesture while I was in the gym, but also understood that it must be horrible to be chased by a camera all the day.

What we do not understand is the style that has chosen the singer on this occasion, because true that has type to wear a leggings and a short T-shirt like a few days ago to go to do Pilates , but is that the meshes today are too tight, And therefore mark a certain area of ​​the anatomy of the actress.

In addition, as he has chosen for the top a strappy t-shirt that has knotted at the waist, so it is still shorter, do not cover this area, being a bit ugly, really. As accessories, this time has chosen some original slippers with what seems to be the face of a cat, since we see the eyes and whiskers that it has printed.

With a black bra under the T-shirt stamped with small flowers on a light blue background, we see the manicure that Vanessa Hudgens looks in silver, since when covering her face with the mobile phone, we see her hands.

The hair is tied up in a high bun and tousled, maintaining the casual look of the outfit, with huge sunglasses and the keys of the car of the hand.

In short, a look that we did not like Vanessa Hudgens, too adjusted to our taste with these leggings, while not able to go unnoticed for the press.