Trend Wave: Snakeskin – No, Thank You.

by | March 4, 2017

Trends come and go, cast off and entering to be amended before the new on. We miss the one ardently, we can waive the others well. A trend that upcoming autumn/winter 2011 inexorably announced season for: Snake leather. Already at the last press days we had to scare with notice that more and more snakeskin is processed and specially decorated with the reptile leather accessories. Christian Louboutin, Chloe or best-known example Prada before making and all follow suit and leave the snake skin has become the latest trend piece. Many bloggers and VIP Pearl jump on the bandwagon and suggest us that can’t live without this winter.

The designer labels is of course to genuine leather, with the cheaper simply because of cost reasons to Schlangenprints or fake – so probably only out of necessity, they produce properly. Apart from the fact that I don’t even like reptile leather, also artificial snakeskin transported a trend which I indeed do without. 

Because the proud bearers and the snakeskin lover of this world one seem to have forgotten: the skin is pulled mostly in full awareness of the reptiles from the body and the animals die painfully. In Indonesia, the main supplier for this exotic leather are this year happens to round 157,000 Pythons and monitor more than 400,000 species. The animal welfare there doesn’t matter, many should be clear. The business with the snake skin is – and it will appoint several it labels as a must have no. One, other brands follow suit.

Fur lovers and snake skin Hunter can go up so once again give the hand this winter and stroll together. We can shake because only with your head, because one thing is clear: the demand determines the range – and many of us want to adorn themselves with real reptile leather currently once again. Well, bravo.

Info via PETA and star.