Trend Alert: Thousand and One Accessories, by Vogue France

It says it Vogue France and if they say it, all abide by it. In its February Edition, penultimate number prior to say adieu to the Roitfeld, the voguettes fill our necks, wrists and lobes of Accessories of all types and condition.

No apparent connection, this summer will carry all our jewelry collected for years in their different styles and colors, no matter the difference chromatic, of styles or sizes. Since the new bracelet that many celebrities look to our necklace “ masai ” or our decenario we thought “ passé & #8221;.

So they at least say them, who usually tend to be quite dominant in complement to look their streetstyles.

Will we see the Alt, a brand new successor of the Queen of the khol buried under golds, silvers and tassels?