Top 5 Cheap Ski Jackets of 2017 and Tips for Buying Them

by | June 19, 2017

[email protected] a new guide of ‘the 5 best cheap 2017 ski jackets’!

Skiing is one of the quintessential winter sports, but take the best equipment is essential to avoid passing cold during your practice. Ski jackets are an essential element to take into account that not must be ignored.

We have carried out an investigation of 20 hours, comparing and analyzing + 25 jackets and we have selected the best 5.

  1. Best cheap ski jackets of 2017
  2. What to keep in mind when buying a ski jacket

1. the best cheap ski jackets of the 206

Best brands

To ensure the election of a good winter jacket for skiing, it is essential to always opt for brands that offer the maximum guarantee of satisfaction. Do you want to know those marks? Read on!:

  • Quiksilver: this brand is one of the most prestigious brands of sportswear that can be found. Quiksilver produces clothes from world-class skiing, as well as many other sports clothing. It is characterized by combining design, quality, comfort and personality in your clothes.
  • Columbia: is a popular brand of sports clothes for the whole family of high quality. They are mainly specialize in winter sports clothes. Their designs are made with much care and dedication to offer its clients the best market.
  • Ultrasport: we must not overlook the brand Ultrasport, a brand that has managed to position itself strongly in the market. Your clothes ensures strength, durability, comfort and well-being from first use. This brand committed to quality at attractive prices.


Here we bring you a list of the 5 best ski jackets cheap that you can currently find on the market, jackets that best meet its mission at a more reasonable price.

Ultrasport Ischgl

Technical data and functions

This beautiful mens winter/ski jacket is perfectly equipped with Ultraflow 10,000, i.e. is a waterproof, breathable as well as resistant to strong winds ski jacket. Available in various colors, this jacket is made of 100% nylon.

This jacket hood is adjustable and removable. This model of modern design features apron for snow, Pocket for payment of skiing in the manga, as well as cuffs with thumb hole. It is a highly versatile jacket, since you can use it in skiing, as well as in your moments of leisure.

It has reflective in the chest pocket for greater security, as well as interior pockets for ski goggles and iPod, and an additional inner zip pocket. It has a warm, comfortable and lightweight quilted polyfill. It has the brand logo discreetly embroidered on the front exterior.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: Has a lot, is waterproof, windproof and breathable. It has a design that combines the classical with the modern touches. The materials are of high quality, resistant and with good finishes. It has numerous pockets. It provides great versatility in its use.

Disadvantages: The main glue that you can get to this ski jacket for men is the cost which has, since its price tends to be higher than the conventional jackets, but its performance well deserve to pay the price that has.

Final evaluation

A jacket that perfectly fulfills its mission in all aspects. Totally recommended.

Very light and comfortable jacket with a good quality/price ratio. I have tested it in these days of cold and has me very well isolated.

Quiksilver Mission Print

Technical data and functions

This beautiful, modern and colorful kids ski jacket is a great ally against the intense cold that prevails in the areas of snow. Available with various prints, this winter of straight cut jacket is perfectly equipped to protect the younger members of the House from the cold.

This anorak for snow and skiing is warm, breathable, durable and waterproof. The hood can be easily removed for use only when needed or desired. It has multiple pockets (pockets, Pocket) in the sleeves, inside pocket, Pocket for goggles for skiing, etc..

Its seams have been perfectly reinforced and sealed to last in time and resist the hustle and bustle of the little kids. With this jacket, the little kids will be perfectly protected from the cold, besides going to fashion with a beautiful and modern jacket.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: It is a ski jacket kids waterproof, breathable and warm. The materials are of great strength, durability and excellent finishes. It has multiple pockets to store an infinite number of personal items. Its colorful and beautiful design is really striking.

Disadvantages: It is important to be careful when choosing the size so that there are no problems. The price of this jacket is high, but well worth doing this small investment, since its performance is very interesting.

Final evaluation

An ideal ski jacket for skiing and to wear on the day by day thanks to its performance. A great buy so the little kids look perfect and warm throughout the day, whether in College, playing on the street or skiing.

Fantastic! Loved my son. And the best price. A success! Now to see if I can find another for the small…

Ultrasport Snowflake

Technical data and functions

This beautiful and elegant Womens ski jacket is characterized by modern, pleasant, soft and light. Offers versatility and comfort thanks to Softshell which is made, a tissue tissue highly elastic and great technical versatility. It is molded perfectly to the body, providing a good fit.

It provides great comfort and freedom of movement during use so do not become an annoyance or nuisance in skiing or other winter sports. Its hood is fully lined with faux fur, as well as being easily removable by means of push buttons system.

It features practical and multiple pockets to store and transport all personal items desired in comfortable and safe way due to its effective zips without problems. It has high collar and zipper with Chin protection, avoiding to be uncomfortable. Perfectly maintains the heat in freezing temperatures.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: This jacket is pretty, light, quality, breathable and waterproof, a backgammon ideal to protect yourself from the intense cold and the wind. It fits perfectly to the body. The hood is removable and comes fully lined. A versatile, comfortable and soft jacket.

Disadvantages: Its main drawback is the cost which is priced rather high, but no less can be ordered for a jacket with such benefits.

Final evaluation

First, a really interesting purchase in every way ski jacket. Beautiful and careful design combined with great value for money. You cannot ask more.

The jacket is perfect. Great, very comfortable, not it weighs and has all sorts of details, until a tissue to clean the glasses in one of the pockets.

Columbia Alpine Action

Technical data and functions

This jacket with hood for men, available in various colors to choose from, is a lot and is able to effectively protect cold and strong wind in areas of snow. It is a jacket of man to ski waterproof, breathable and comfortable to the touch.

The great advantage offered by this technical winter jacket for men that manages to effectively combine their synthetic insulation upper with reflective thermal liner. The one which is responsible for retaining heat with a high level of breathability. It has numerous pockets for storing and transporting all what you need to take with you.

Good performance is due largely to its apron adjustable paranieve and its removable storm hood. It is ideal to protect himself from the cold temperatures below freezing in areas of snow. It is a lightweight jacket, so it won’t be a discomfort for you.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: This mens ski jacket is lightweight, breathable, waterproof, soft, pleasant, resistant and with perfect finish. It has multiple pockets, upper synthetic insulation, reflective thermal liner and hood apron paranieve adjustable and removable storm.

Disadvantages: while it has multiple pockets, some of them are rather small. Like the majority of ski jackets, their cost is high, but its benefits are worth making this small investment.

Final evaluation

Good buy for discerning buyers looking for quality above all. A perfect jacket to protect you from cold, wind and water. It is worth every euro that this jacket is worth to pay. The perfect jacket for skiing.

Elegant and very functional, design with generous pockets. Is home a lot, in addition to sweating and above all it weighs nothing, it’s very light.

Columbia Alpine Action Oh Jacket

Technical data and functions

Manufactured with a 72% nylon and a 28% polyester, this Womens ski jacket is available in different colors to choose. Fits perfectly to the figure of the woman, conform perfectly. This ski jacket has the logo embroidered on the upper front of discrete and elegant way.

This jacket has numerous Interior and exterior pockets to carry your personal belongings. Their pockets have zippers that guarantee safety of all what you save in your jacket, avoiding that it may fall or lose during use.

Making tissues give great waterproof jacket, durability and very good finishes, in fact in this jacket is cared for to the smallest detail. It combines perfectly with your other garments of skiing thanks to its careful and discreet design with a modern twist.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: This jacket is lightweight, comfortable, soft, breathable, waterproof, resistant and with great finishes. Their materials guarantee high protection against cold, wind and water in areas of snow. It has special cuffs to protect your hands from the cold. Just note that you’ve set.

Disadvantages: It does not have zippers underarms for better ventilation. The price of this jacket is slightly greater than other jackets for skiing, but its performance is great.


A truly interesting jacket for demanding women seeking design, elegance, warmth, strength, softness, comfort and perfect finish. A jacket is cared for to the smallest detail. A great ally for skiing.

Very warm, and comfortable clothing is lightweight and has special cuffs to protect your hands from the cold.

2. what keep in mind when buying a ski jacket

Common is that when you buy one of ski jackets cheap in the market is consider some aspects to be fully sure that buying is really worth and adapts to our needs:

  • Characteristics of the tissue: It is essential that a skiing either for use in winter jacket is waterproof, thermal and breathable, three key features and to take into account.
  • Lightness: In the past, acquire a good ski jacket meant to carry much weight on shoulders and back. Today, new jackets that can be found are usually very light and comfortable to use, while its use involves an effort or discomfort.
  • Pockets: All ski or winter jacket must have multiple pockets with zipper, both indoors and outdoors, to carry with them the desired personal objects.
  • Hood: It is highly recommended that jacket includes a hood, and is removable to use whenever you need.
  • Comfort: First of all, any garment, either a ski jacket or other clothing, must ensure total comfort during use. If it is not convenient, none of the previous aspects imports too. Comfort is essential, especially when they go to sports with her.

If you are going to ski, to enjoy a few days in the snow, or simply want a jacket that will protect you from the cold, ten features our previous proposals. You will not regret to get ahold of one of these jackets!