Top 3-Tips for Customizing Your Jeans Jacket

Ooi pissual, all good? Our beloved top 3 has returned, and has come back with customization tips, in these times of crisis the business is to reuse that jeans jacket that you no longer use and give a new face to it without spending much.


This is a super cheap tip from carswers that already transforms your jacket. Just you apply some type of fabric to your jacket. You can buy multiple scraps, or with what you already have at home, and apply wherever you want.It can be in the pocket, the buttons, the shoulders, the blade, wherever you want, goes your creativity and taste.

2-Dyeing or discoloration

Are you sick of the same color of your usual jacket and want to make a change? So let’s change color! You can buy some specific ink to dye jeans, or discolor your jacket with chloroform. To make those spots blend, you have to knead the jacket, make a ball and tie a string all over it, leaving some parts out. Soak in a container with chlorophyll, let it act, and then wash to take the scent. It’s going to be beautiful, you bet, I already did and I loved it!

3-Jeans Vest

Summer is coming and you’re crazy about a wonderful jeans vest? Get that old denim jacket, cut the sleeves and get ready for your vest! If you want you can cut the length too.