They Have Succeeded: The Chupas of Leather Already Part of The Perfect Wardrobe Fund. Do You Already Have Yours?

The chupas of leather (aka biker jackets) are perfect jackets for the transitional period, but a few years ago it was not so. This type of garment has achieved conquer the world of diverse styles, and today it enjoys a privileged position when one tries to create the perfect wardrobe Fund. With jeans, dresses or skirts, the Chupas of leather are always a good choice to Harbor and bring style to the final outfit.

All have one (or more) in your closet

No viral success without some street stylers, influencers and fashion addicts that look the garment in particular. And the biker jackets transformed the outfits all the time to adapt to the style of each one of the girls of fashion. Chiara Ferragni or Gilda Ambrosio – among many others – we teach how take them.

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Biker bazaar

  • Skin and straight lines of Pull & Bear, 79.99 euros.
  • Type crop top of V√™tements, 3,490 euros.
  • With the neck of lamb shank, 149,99 EUR.
  • In version oversize of Zara, 149 euros.
  • With details of the comic book Wonder Woman of Zara, 119 euros.
  • Electric blue and white details of Off-White, 1.810 euros.
  • With Golden details of J.Crew, 696 euro.