There Are Very Crazy and Expensive Bags and Then They Are These. Suitable Only for Very Advanced Fashion

by | June 12, 2017

Bags probably they are the object of widespread desire among women around the world. With them the fashion firms amass large fortunes and other small brands manage to say something in the sector with original designs and quality. But there’s an audience that doesn’t look for fashionable bag or of better quality but that they want to find bags different, complex and extremely original. Today there are many brands that are precisely committed by this and today found you them.


This Italian brand It is, perhaps, one of the original bags with more experience and also more and more followers. The long Italian tradition in the manufacture of handbags is reflected in each of the designs of Braccialini where we can find homes, animals, plants and lots of figures created from skin and made with great attention to detail. Despite the originality we can find it in a myriad of traditional footwear today they continue to rely on this brand as a collector. From the simplest until more than 1,000 of the most sophisticated Euro 200 euros.

Ines Figaredo

The world Ines Figaredo goes far beyond the manufacture of bags, in this case the art and sculpture make a quite striking fusion in their designs. Ines Figaredo has become known for what is different about their collections but also for its famous eyes, which adorn many of your bags. In its proposals, we can find carousels, dolls, fruits and plenty of elements of the most peculiar. Your bags reach the 3,000 euros but you can also buy one for less than 500 euros, the Reina Letizia He has worn one of his designs.

Mary Katrantzou

Mary Kratrantzou signature is not a brand of bags but that these supplements accompany its fantastic and colorful collection of clothing. Within this section you can find almost the made whole alphabet bag, each one of them with a very different design and a barbaric complexity. It is not easy to create these letters from material to manufacture a bag that is comfortable and that has capacity. Bags of letters have an approximate price of 2,000 euros since not all are equal. His designs show off star from Olivia Palermo To Valentina Ferragni passing by Eva Chen and a myriad of names.

Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch is one of the best-known in the world original bags brands. Your bags will never go unnoticed and although all patches released to the general public in their collections you can find designs that are signs of trafficking, packaging’s best-known household brands as well as emoticons of legendary games, this led to the side most trendy of fashion. There is also a wide range of prices, from 300 euros the simplest until more than 1,000 in this brand the most original. Just as Mary Katrantzou is a legion is famous fans include the Spanish White Miró.


Moschino has always had the originality as starting point, since it invented the “I see it, I want it” in their parades swept with its mobile customized covers but also with more chic handbags. The theme chosen each year becomes in object of inspiration for add-ins, from potatoes or drinks from a hamburger chain to the pharmacy (this collection) with bags of capsules as different as this photograph. From 300 euros to 2,000 euros, this is the Strip that you can carry the same bag that Chiara Ferragni or Katy Perry.

Gallardo Andres

The case of Gallardo Andres It is also quite particular, the artist began making jewelry with porcelain and with time (and fame) has opted for adorn leather bags with these pieces that do as well. Today it has international presence and their bags are cloned by the chains ‘low cost’, sign of success. Most of their bags are around 500 euros.

Mark Cross

Bags of Mark Cross they aren’t so exaggeratedly original as some of the above but their well-known boxes are put daily and are transformed with very different elements creating a sort of scenery in each of them. This fall bet by the elements of space and customize their bags with lots of moons, stars, and UFOs. From 1,500 euros to more than 4,000 euros, East the wide margin of Mark Cross.

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia is one of the Queens in this field and is thus demonstrating it for many years. Each season it launches whole collections that leave us open-mouthed. We must not forget the osito gominola, well-known fruits or a myriad of elements that creates great way through everyday items in the factories of plug-ins. The good thing of Charlotte Olympia It is its great variety of products, simple bags as clutch for 400 euros and bags armed and more complex for more than 1,000 euros. The number of famous that look these designs is incalculable but Gigi Hadid or Dakota Johson they are fans of the brand.