The Wardrobe Cornerstones-The White Shirt

by | June 3, 2017

We have previously mentioned the great multi-faceted buttondownskjortan who is getting in our opinion best in light blue. Versatility and casual feeling in all glory but no shirt or garment at all feels like an important cornerstone in the male wardrobe than the white shirt. The version we mainly aim at with today’s post has a classical cutaway collar and single or double cuff.

Certainly, even the white shirt be of oxford quality with buttondownkrage but it is in our opinion the most versatile and important white shirt is of a finer pinpoint, twill or Poplin fabric and a mjukcutawaykrage which is a great choice both to tie or unbuttoned over a cashmere sweater.


Poplin fabric is the smoothest and most elegant character of skjorttyg. This Web is best suited for the more formal shirts and great to, for example, the dark suit or as an alternative to the specific smokingskjortorna. The downside of Poplin is that it is often very thin and likely to be very wrinkled.

Twilltyger has a discreet striped pattern in their fabric which gives a little more life to the plain white shirt. Then it is not a color light blue or pink and white are at risk of losing the “depth” and a weak structure of the fabric helps to just give a little more life to the garment.

The same is true with pinpointväven which simply put is a sleeker version of oxford. A tapestry that particularly comes into its own in coloured shirts as the warp and weft of the fabric is of different color and gives a weakly spotted impression and contributes to increased life and less solid feeling like twilltyget.


As previously mentioned, we believe that the optimum the collar of the white shirt is a classic cutaway. If you prefer a more extreme form of fullspread or narrower turndown is obviously quite personal. The shape of a cutawaykrage is very crucial for the feeling throughout the shirt. Straight Stipules at gives a formal and strict impression often combined with kraglattor. If you want a slightly more casual feel can be many better manufacturers take out kraglattorna which in a little longer skjortsnibbar gives a soft, almost forming a shirt collar. This is our personal favorite collar and rhymes perfectly with the soft kavajaxeln soft and unlined tie.

It’s more than just the angle of the collar that comes into play. The length of the snibbarna, and in particular the height makes a huge difference. Fashion has for years been dominated by shallow and relatively small skjortkragar but the Italian style has long been characterized by the exact opposite. Right to the wearing of a tie is a higher collar with longer Stipules at often preferred as it rolls over the knot and still fit the lovely facility.

A classic rigid British shirt collar from Emma Willis. Provides a formal and a little strict impression and combined with the advantage of a more structured kavajsilhuett.

Italian Fray makes some of the world’s finest shirts and are known for their very large skjortkragar.

Japanese Kamakura is a relatively unknown brand that offers what we understood the terrible affordable budgetalternartiv. $79 for shirts produced in Japan by, above all, oxford and pinpointväv with a number of different gauntlets.

Sean Connery in a classic white shirt with cutawaykrage and so-called “cocktail cuffs”.