The Version of The Gurus of Fashion, by Transvestite Candy Magazine

That’s great. Hear that a magazine poses make the transvestite version of the current gurus fashion Gets the willies, the risk posed. But the Candy magazine He has succeeded in doing so, with taste and an outstanding note.

Editorial oozes elegance in their poses, styling, idea and characters and authentic transvestites clones of Anna Wintour, the great Grace Coddington or the very Tavi Gevinson.

And it is not Carmen Lomana who sits in the front row beside Anna Wintour? It is not only curiosity.

Great title, which recalls to Anna Wintour and its transcript cinematogragico Miranda Priestley in a film that would reflect the reality of the world of fashion? To reality, no doubt The September Issue, which I do not recommend. We could perfectly mislead the protagonist with the same Queen of Conde Nast.

My admired Grace Coddington, former model and whose images without a doubt recommend you seek in google. A beauty of the old who went from being photographed to photograph. Is not nailed / to?

And the very same Tavi, whose star in the fashion world seems to not turn off.