The Thing Will Face: Latest Covers of Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham and Leighton Meester

Penalty that not all the covers they are as good as which yesterday saw with Gisele Bundchen for Vogue China. For the month of February is given the curious case of three similar covers in approach but the other three as the magazine that is. The face of the celebrities is the protagonist.

Input see the beautiful image of Cheryl Cole for the British edition of Elle, work that the photographer sign Jan Welters. In black and white, capturing a good gesture rather sensual by famous British so beloved in his homeland. For my part, nothing I don’t like Cheryl Cole style, but in this cover love escaping portrayed.

Another British celebritie is protagonist with his face is Victoria Beckham, one of the common names in the publishing scene and more times magazines are down in number of sales. Victoria Beckham is a recurring regular to magazines and every day they portray it in a different way. In this case Alasdair McLellan It is responsible for a close-up of his face. Simple but effective for Vogue UK.

And finally we are with Leighton Meester, where the objective is far more and lets us see a glimpse of white strapless dress with a magnificent necklace with bracelet game. The actress’s Gossip Girl poses for Cliff Watts in a home that will not be remembered for nobody but that meets the objective of the magazine Fashion in its Canadian Edition.

With which of the three covers you stay you?