The Magazine Interview Accused of Racism by an Editorial with Daria

by | July 10, 2017

It seems that advertising campaigns for the fashion brands earn not for polemics and the last has come from the magazine Interview and one of their fashion editorials featuring the top Daria.

A White Lady between bodies of color, a “lets get lost” title and the creative vision of the photographer, Mikael Jansson and the stylist Karl Templer they have resulted in some beautiful images but certainly controversial, branded by some of “racist”.

Since the editorial of may has been hung by the magazine in its online edition, the reactions do not have been wait.

Tilda from the Publishing House to promote the stereotype white woman Gets a strange and exotic world of people of color.

Critics say that since the difference in styling, Daria dressed in angelic and ethereal garments and their companions with point and leather, to the language body they are clearly different in both cases, showing to Daria as the Queen and the rest of the casting as simple objects.

Ummm… wouldn’t know what to say. I leave the full editorial so you can comment. You can see it as a simple resource creative or editorial touches the limits of acceptable?.

But what if I have reflected on other occasions, as incomprehensible controversy of the children’s campaigns of Armani or the “sexist” of Dolce ES: is it fashion or it is society that is changing and so transformed our way of seeing things?