The Love or Hate Them, These Are The Slippers of Hair That Are Causing a Furor in The Networks (And The Street)

by | June 9, 2017

When someone asks what the success of any garment or accessory in the fashion world I always think the same, do something that many people hate it so that another tanta love it. It is what has happened with the slippers of hair that are sweeping in social networks and also in the street. Everyone is talking about them and many are those who can not resist wear them on your feet.

A photo published by Alex Rivière (@ariviere) 30 Sep 2016 (s) 10:45 PDT

The signature in question is Avec Modération that although Italian with French name, this eccentricity could not be elsewhere. They have a lot of slippers and sandals, but in all of them the protagonist is, long hair (the most controversial) or of sheepskin in different colors. I have to admit that I’m a big fan of this firm, I think they’re really original and stylish footwear. Does anyone know a flat shoe that lift a look more quickly than this? But we must recognize that not all are advantages, in social networks the public for not commenting on how horrible that seems to many, many people stays looking down the street when they see a girl with them sunsets and above all, the autumn leaves are the best friends of this stylish hair. Do you encourage yourself with one of these?