The Incredible Vicissitudes of Work on Trade of Kings Weekend

by | April 22, 2017

Purchases which have left to the last moment (crazy), seeking that last little detail (now what!), which are already to the hunt of first discounts (anxious)… The weekend before to the feast of the Magi can be one of the most business in our country. But it also has its dark side…

Working in a store at Christmas time can be heaven and hell at the same time. Yes, it is the best of times. And also the worst, to paraphrase Dickens. You work as every month for the rest of the year together, but there are also commissions, Blessed commissions that, at this time, rise like foam and help you forget about the chaos, overtime and this mountain of disadvantages that you have then.

1. you feel like Bill Murray in Atrapado in time.

It is as if it had stalled at a particular moment: the moment in which the tail of the register cannot be longer. And so it will be up to day 5 overnight, in a kind of Groundhog Day crazy version by shopping.

2. you hate mealtime.

The moment chosen worldwide to ask you something impossible and to prevent that you leave in your turn to enjoy a snack to full speed.

3. you lost all the holidays.

And also this weekend. And it is likely that you miss also leave your time tonight. Assume it.

4. Although Christmas is almost over, that does not mean that those songs have finished.

That musical thread in an infinite loop of kitsch and shrill voices that invites you to get rid of your auditory canals.

5. have been cut you lips smile all the time.

And your feet look like two stumps. You also have a strange injury in thumbs both bend the same mountain of t-shirts. What’s more, you dream of that mountain of t-shirts at night and you wake up screaming and trembling with terror.

6 you have to find a politically correct way to explain what “to be a”tolai”to want to buy fashionable toy last weekend”.

And prepare yourself for the reaction of some clients, because many will think that you are responsible for your neglect. Yes, you. And they charged against you with all your anger.

7. If you get to cover the input you have more chances to die frozen than if you join an expedition to the Himalayas.

What’s more: pay any thing to get right now on a high mountain, trapped, only and frozen.

8. your interpretation of the Cerberus Can is each year more convincing.

Especially with those clients that are present while you are lowering the gate to explain that they just want a little bit of nothing.

9 and the worst: nothing you get rid of the work day 5 until the many overnight as a slave.

Because as you let the last customer you will you have to dismantle the store to mark whole sales!!