The First Cover of Lourdes. The Saga Continues and with Controversy Makes It

by | December 13, 2017

She is the hijisima, Lourdes Ciccone, the direct descendant of Madonna who have not it had held in a castle which Princess medieval but not overexposed it to fatigue.

So when we thought that you wouldn’t matter of coated paper, which perhaps by default would be something opposite to his mamma, something fiscal County or fisherwoman of mullet in the Indian style as our first surprise comes in the form of Home.

The image is the cover of the magazine June Quality, German for more signs and that shows us a cover very to the Warhol, a beautiful close-up in which I see that you can say is be no daughter of his father and his mother.

The thing has not been there since discussed, it is rumored that the cover is not such. Media as the Daily Mail they accuse and point the finger to the Tetons that the photo is not more than an image file that have been used.

I like Socrates only know that I know nothing, but do you think you Madonna did you decide that the first cover of his hijisima is a German magazine unknown?.