The Breton Madness of Jean Paul Gaultier

D wire couture Jean Paul Gaultier was not forc lying the most successful stylistically speaking, he was not less assur lies the most joyful. A collection of crazy accomplished based on the breton heritage and highlighting once more the insolent ability of the creator question espi rules the clothing…

Time o cr creators compete in re d grandiose horns or get lost in conceptual biases, Jean Paul Gaultier continues to merge sewing and audacity of the costume of sc requirement only.

It must be said that since his decision to abandon the pr-t – wear, one which the Grand Palais d die currently a sublime view r has now a clear field for “give vent his creativity and his taste for research and experimentation exp”. Thus released from the pressure of the hellish schedule under which its confreres, the designer can serenely inject her creations this extravagance outranci re – but nevertheless in. tick–which he has the secret.

On the podium, it is thus an almost “popular” couture – say makes r worm it’s without ever taking distance – d line, d based codes of good taste, having fun of the DNA JPG and unafraid of any idea supposed lie incongruous, all without ever forgetting to tell a story. A d wire Jean Paul Gaultier savoured indeed as a short film o m models are transformed into real h ro cin nes my.

The beautiful character who slip here in moult textile variations around the th my marin and Brittany. Between skirt ray e n o-french cancan, caban brod asymmetrical folding or bigouden in prom attire, Jean Paul Gaultier fun of clich s and no h site not push them their climax.

And if the set shows a flavor almost th power plant, many of the pi these collection only if in r v slow step less as portable as unwanted, like the perfecto alligator of the cr pe skirt high waist or dresses with circular skirts (see here and there). Totally unusual, Gaultier women is thus not provided d connect e of our fantasies. On the contrary, she feeds them.

And regardless if she is cheeky, clearly too much or sometimes first degree: this woman who has fun, moves and dance giving us want to follow in its wake. This is great: making sell a lot of perfumes, this last is likely to survey how much longer the podiums of its creator…