The Beautiful Hermes Scarf Meet Graffiti Cyri Congo

by | June 19, 2016

When it comes to Hermes immediately come to mind two things: the Birkin and the beautiful scarves! Today we are just the scarf, symbol of elegance and the refined and glamorous style that has always distinguished the French brand, which for autumn winter 2011 2012 are based the look, but not a aggiustatina a real radical change can only by a prestigious and informal collaboration. Hermes works with, a French artist specializing in graffiti.

Cyri Congo is a talented artist who made ​​the ‘street art his fortune, I am happy to see that the’ modern art is also invading the high fashion historical brands that show of wanting to evolve and wanting to offer their customers things original and unexpected. unexpected is the right term for these scarves that combine precious and precious materials of Hermes to glamorous prints made ​​with graffiti Cyri Congo.

If you like Hermes scarves but you want something more modern these are meant for you, they are elegant but also street and urban. The price of these scarves is definitely Hermes, no street prices of course. To get one of these scarves’ll have to shell out $ 427.00 well.