That Such a Swap the Belt for Suspenders?

by | November 17, 2018

Here is an accessory that divides opinions: some are fanatics for it, others can’t use it, but it is a fact that suspenders have become more popular in the last few years, and I am sure a lot of people that are reading this post have thought to bring it to your day-to-day.

That Such a Swap the Belt for Suspenders

Summary of the story up until now…

The first suspenders suggest there are more than 200 years and have been an integral part of clothing, including men up to the 60s, when, very probably, some hippie decided that it was beautiful to walk with the butt crack showing. Already in the early 80’s who came of the suspender was automatically taxed of cheesy, but the film is still engaging the hand-piece when he wanted to show some character eccentric. The years 90 they brought clothes wide enough so that the silhouette would disappear and with it any remnant of times more elegant, there was no space for such a prop in the scenario divided between the pants half-bag and the flannel shirt.

Timeless style

Interestingly some tribes such as the punks and rockabillys have kept the suspender always persente in your wardrobe even after the piece is considered out of fashion, precisely because these individuals do not follow any fashion, except the own aesthetic sense that pervades his universe where, incidentally, the accessory seemed to fall like a glove!

In the years 2000

The world has not ended as imagined and suddenly, fashion became more democratic and diverse, a sense of redemption of the former things and stylish began to throb in the most people, vintage and retro have become repeated words the exhaust and the generation that grew up breathing technology has passed the look with fondness for bow ties, brogues and, why not, braces, suspenders, after all use a belt it seemed so obvious in an era where the new is already born “manjadas” and the old, analog or rudimentary it seemed mysterious and fascinating.

Some tips for those who will use braces:

– Never use suspenders with the belt, its function is to keep the pants in place, if it is not fulfilling its task does not make sense to use it, even if you’re only wanting to show style;

– They always have a height adjustment simple, never stay with the pants too low, as if he were falling, or too high causing, in addition to the discomfort, an aesthetic result is bizarre;

– Invest in a copy on a neutral color in the beginning, when you’re used to using it and feeling safe, look for other colors. This same rule is used for ties, if you want to know;

– There are pants with buttons for the supensórios to be stuck, but they are a rarity here in Brazil, so it is rare to find models that attach to these buttons. Stay in safe territory, buy those that has a loop of metal at the tip that grabs the waistband of the trousers and fits any model;

– Who wants to make a visual 50 can opt for a plaid shirt and a shoe-tying, but if the idea and follow the line punk, choose a t-shirt of the band, a denim cut most adjusted and a heavy footwear as a coturno or a running shoes style Converse All Star;

– The followers of the classic look can use the accessory with pants in tailoring and shirt clear arematada for a tie (butterfly, if you want) and a shoe that is well-polished;

– Suits and tuxedos look great with suspenders, for these choose a white model as the one used by actor Daniel Craig in “007 – Casino Royale” brand English Albert Thurston, is discreet and elegant;

– Suspenders with shorts will make you look like the Pinocchio, take this crazy idea of the head!

And one last and all-important tip: be extra careful when you go to the bathroom! Why? I’m not going to explain, I’ll leave to your imagination!