Ten Tips On How To Combine Shirts And Ties

One of the advantages we have men against women is that changing the shirt and tie we appear to wear a different set even though we have chosen the same suit one day earlier.

This insistence as our choice suits only dark blue or grey forces to sharpen your wits in the choice of shirt and tie not to repeat ourselves continuously. And in that choice a few basic guidelines apply:

  1. choose first the suit, then the shirt, then the tie and Pocket handkerchief according to FINANCEDNS. Costume will mark the color and design of the shirt, this the necktie, and all of its set of Pocket handkerchief.
  2. it is important to find a suitable contrast of tones. So we away repeat the colors of the shirt in the tie, or do so, let’s try that the predominant color in the shirt is not the protagonist of the tie.I.e., if the shirt purple stripes, choose a tie with any motive in this tone but always ensuring that the main color of the tie is different, and also darker.
  3. avoid combining a shirt to stripes with also a striped tie.It is only recommended if the lines of both garments are of a size and different design will give you with an interesting optical effect.
  4. choosing a design for the shirt and another for the tie will get an attractive combination.Make sure that the design of each item is a similar scale helps to not be mistaken in the choice. For example, if we want to combine a strong stripes shirt do so with a marked polka dot tie.
  5. choose carea garment with a design with too much personality, the result could be too ornate.To avoid this if, for example, we gave entrance to a wide and marked striped shirt, it would be safer to choose a smooth tie. A large and colorful designs type paisley tie, always charge more sense with a smooth shirt and without any design.
  6. If not you want to run risks nothing better thanopt for shirt and tie smooth.Although it’s somewhat boring it can be a hard to beat alternative.
  7. LOS tones of the clothes must beinside a out from lightest to dark.For example, the combination of a pale blue shirt, a bottle green tie and a Navy blue suit gives as a result a more harmonic than those formed by a dark blue shirt with a pale yellow tie and set a charcoal gray suit.
  8. There are certain MAXIMS that must be respected. And one of them is which indicates that large paintings shirts should be dressed in the field and not in the city.
  9. Despite your field triptowards the city, sure that we found best occasions to wear a necktie of wool which make it just as we are by the center of the city.
  10. you should not choose a tie and a shirt where the space between the peaks of the shirt were not covered in its entirety by the tie.While all these keys help when choosing the shirt and tie, no few occasions where the taste of those who choose them and that first crush to see the desired tie superimposed on the shirt, cancel any guidelines here named.