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Marriage Day or Night?

Planning a wedding party is not an easy task. Starting to prepare a few months earlier and being organized is of fundamental importance. Another detail that the bride and groom should choose is the party time. The more traditional one prefers at night, but others have always dreamed of a wedding during the day. All the pros and cons… Read more »

The Flower that Always Wanted to in My Garden

From a plant-filled courtyard, the presentation of the collection arrives Moschino resort 2013. Reinterpreting other garments, and trends that are already on the market (fluorine, flowers, pastel shades), but giving them a twist of good girl that enters through the eyes. A collection that breathing air of spring Thanks to the floral prints and colors happy. But along the… Read more »

7 Tips To Make Summer Weddings A Success

It is convenient to celebrate the summer weddings at sunset and surprise the guests with refreshing details Summer weddings are magical, romantic and very special because the good temperatures allow us to celebrate in almost any place, be it a beach, a castle, a beautiful forest or a hotel situated on a cliff, for example.

Modern Vintage Autumn Wedding in the Orangery

Copper and lace, wood and pomegranate: From these ingredients an autumn wedding decor you can conjure up, as elegant as comfortable acting! Decorator Kristina Höfler staged in the Orangery of the Schloss Diersfordt a vintage autumn wedding in rich, warm colours with lots of rustic chic. We are excited and explain the months September, October… Read more »

Our Tips for Choosing Her Lingerie

When it comes to buying lingerie, women have the choice. Shapes, colors, and designs, the possibilities are numerous. Many to the point that you will not wear the same sets at different times of your life, according to the events that mark your life. Let’s explore how to make the best choice under the circumstances!