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A Style for Every Day of the Week (16)

Enters a loop when it comes to dressing up is more than usual, the human being is an animal of customs and as such we tend to lie in the choice of the same clothes, combinations of colors or “ready-made” outfits. And No. Remove calendar and pen, look good in these proposals and begins to create looks… Read more »

The Best Street-Style of the Week (V and VI)

A problem of undetermined nature, we have had to delete the fifth post of the best street-style weekly. Why today I show you the best of this week newly begun, trying to merge into the possible some of the looks of the week. Serve this red suit from Hugo Boss who leads the article to… Read more »

How to Wear A Scarf

Scarf tied with taste, create greater sophistication to your look and warm during the cold season. The scarf has become a necessary element in the locker room not just any woman, but every gentleman. It is primarily designed to protect the neck from the piercing wind and frost, in the damp, cold weather. use a scarf to prevent… Read more »

How to Wear Denim Jacket in Summer

” What weather is it today ? “This is the first question you ask yourself every morning. This is obvious because the answer will change the whole course of your day … Right now, the best days are on the horizon: temperatures are rising, the sun is back. You are soon ready to hide deep in your attic,… Read more »

Returns of The Scarf

Surely all remember that picture of the early 60s, in which Bert Stern photographed with a chiaroscuro effect holliwoodiana the timeless beauty of Marilyn Monroe covered only by a semitransparent scarf that brought out his silhouette.

The Beautiful Hermes Scarf Meet Graffiti Cyri Congo

When it comes to Hermes immediately come to mind two things: the Birkin and the beautiful scarves! Today we are just the scarf, symbol of elegance and the refined and glamorous style that has always distinguished the French brand, which for autumn winter 2011 2012 are based the look, but not a aggiustatina a real radical change can only by a prestigious… Read more »