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Leathers & Things Motor

Leather Arts & Crafts MOTO is the name of the group of producers and shops in Aoyama, Tokyo. The group started in 1971, founded by Hideo Motoike, a talented artist and sculptor (I’ll write more about it soon). One of the strands of the group is the ENGINE, born in 2011. Leathers & Things MOTOR is a… Read more »

A Style for Every Day of the Week (2)

Our wardrobe will slowly saying goodbye to the dresses and the t-shirts and Hello to the cold. Autumn comes and with the change of wardrobe, which means to reacquaint yourself with clothes that you had forgotten and again excite you when deciding what to wear. Because, let’s face it, we were rather tired of summer clothes.

A Style for Every Day of the Week (4)

November approaches stealthily and the shirts each time they charge more and more weight in our closet, even though they are cropped version, but there is what worry, cold is not synonymous with boredom and to sample a button, or seven looks, one for each day of the week. Take note!

A Style for Every Day of the Week (21)

It begins one week full of temperature changes and therefore full of complications when it comes to choosing outfits. A few days will have to bring back scarf and coat while other days can look perfectly looks for summer. Don’t worry because we give all the ideas necessary to wear throughout the week, in an easy way… Read more »

A Style for Every Day of the Week (8)

We began a new week and we turn to find with the dreaded question, what to wear? If still you have not clear what you are going to put, here are some looks that you can serve as inspiration to know what you’re going to put the seven days of the week.

New York Fashion Week Has Secured Future

Together with already established names such as Oscar de la Renta, Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren, in the New York fashion week we found the nearest gateway future. The Row, Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang … are many young designers who names a hole in the American fashion industry is doing, We see their latest proposals?

Leather or Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Difficult choice: jacket leather or textile? Broad debate that the choice of textile or leather when you want to buy a motorcycle jacket. between the aesthetic aspects and technical criteria, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The key is to choose a jacket that matches you and meets your needs. Here is a small overview which should guide… Read more »

How to Maintain My Leather Jacket?

Your leather jacket is in your wardrobe that Beyonce is dancing: essential. Whether classic or eccentric black and colored, it is a must whatever your style. How to maintain his favorite leather jacket? Unlike your other loved clothes that you can throw into the machine, tumble dry machine, pass the cleaners, your leather jacket requires special attention. If… Read more »

3 Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

An ode to the classic. Phoenix blogger Anna reveals how to wear the leather jacket with style for every occasion. Leather jackets – they last a lifetime, they are timeless classics, they are versatile and easy to wear in fall, winter and spring. There are many models with different cuts to flatter every figure. I personally like when… Read more »

How to Wear Perfecto Jackets

To be a stylish man today, impossible to turn their backs on the Perfecto! Here is everything you need to know about this timeless leather jacket. More than a fashion accessory, the Perfecto is indispensable to adopt for a look both chic and trendy. Originally worn by bikers for its hyper-resistant appearance, Perfecto is a horse leather jacket who today became… Read more »

How to Care Leather Jacket at Home

Buying a jacket or a leather jacket is an investment. But know that you probably keep all your life … provided to care! Waterproof: Leather is naturally waterproof, but a downpour can stain indelibly. Remember, therefore, to waterproof your leather garment with a suitable product . You will preserve and rain.

Suede Jackets for Winter

Chic and authentic, the suede jacket comes just in time for spring-summer. Selection of the most beautiful models to tame. Very present last summer, the suede jacket extends its  rehab ‘already well under way. With its origins in the great American West, it brings authenticity and natural in our daily outfits, while declining in cuts to various connotations.… Read more »