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Bridal Jewelry Tips

Jewelry-The Valuable Rings For The Brides, In Replacement To Traditional Alliance Since the invention of jewelry they have always been present in the life of man. Necklaces, earrings, rings and all kinds of adornments made of gold, silver, platinum and steel served to demonstrate power, beauty, wealth, prosperity and charm. The jewels, however, in earlier… Read more »

How to Match Jewelry and Watches

The watches are once again on the rise, and it is possible to combine with various types of jewelry and accessories thus creating productions considered incredible. And so if you are wearing a clothing of the same color, it is interesting to happen using a different color clock so you can highlight and draw attention to the accessory. And… Read more »

Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Wedding

The wedding dress is very personal and with so many options it’s not always easy to choose the ideal. But, for the look of the wedding to be flawless, theAccessories also deserve to be chosen with all calmness and dedication. Necklace, bracelet or earrings should be selected taking into account thepersonal style of the bride and the neckline of the dress.

The Right Hairstyle to Enhance Your Jewelry

A beautiful jewel makes all the difference in the look of a woman. The little black dress to a bolder clothing, accessory lights up the visual. And when you choose to use a beautiful piece of jewelry the intention is that it appears, right? So, the hair makes all the difference. If you’re going to use earring, pendant or necklace, interestingly, do… Read more »

Meet the Main Gems Before Choosing Your Jewelry

The precious stones are different from common stones, and your appearance more characterized by your beauty, colour, transparency and brightness.Each with your own character, their own components and meanings. The first is found in so-called miners or in the mines, after being properly polished turns into an artifact of jewelry. The precious stone is also called “gem” and has… Read more »