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Expo 2017 Denim – Jalisco Dress Jeans

Today, the world of the denim and gabardine has its own space, since the CANAIVE Jalisco has taken the initiative to organize an exhibition on supply for the jeans wear industry, which incidentally is very extensive. INTERNACIONAL DENIM EXPO is the name and the place will be Expo Guadalajara from 31 May to 2 June… Read more »

Suede Jackets for Winter

Chic and authentic, the suede jacket comes just in time for spring-summer. Selection of the most beautiful models to tame. Very present last summer, the suede jacket extends its  rehab ‘already well under way. With its origins in the great American West, it brings authenticity and natural in our daily outfits, while declining in cuts to various connotations.… Read more »

How to Wear Denim Jacket in Summer

” What weather is it today ? “This is the first question you ask yourself every morning. This is obvious because the answer will change the whole course of your day … Right now, the best days are on the horizon: temperatures are rising, the sun is back. You are soon ready to hide deep in your attic,… Read more »