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Marriage Day or Night?

Planning a wedding party is not an easy task. Starting to prepare a few months earlier and being organized is of fundamental importance. Another detail that the bride and groom should choose is the party time. The more traditional one prefers at night, but others have always dreamed of a wedding during the day. All the pros and cons… Read more »

Leather or Textile Motorcycle Jacket

Difficult choice: jacket leather or textile? Broad debate that the choice of textile or leather when you want to buy a motorcycle jacket. between the aesthetic aspects and technical criteria, both have their advantages and disadvantages. The key is to choose a jacket that matches you and meets your needs. Here is a small overview which should guide… Read more »

What is the BauBax Jacket

Basically, the creators of the BauBax Jacket needed $ 20,000. In the end, their project of adventurer jacket harvested 460 times setting. Fourth best Kickstarter campaign The project of creating an ingenious multifunctional fighter jacket raised with crowdfunding 460 times the intended amount, $ 9.2 million. The BauBax Jacket, which includes a sleep mask, an inflatable headrest, gloves… Read more »