Stockholm Fashion Week: Carin Wester 2012 – Dresses Over Pants?

I don’t know whether I’m shocked or disappointed, maybe even just clueless. But, what Mademoiselle Carin Wester us during the last fashion week in Stockholm presented, will simply not from my head be processed. It may be because in fact that not a single outfit otherwise so highly acclaimed me who graduated from the Beckman ’ s trying to convince School of design? Since founding her own label in 2003 the former Paul & friends designer was a an important award after the other and also the blogosphere shows seriously excited for a long time. Your online shop force me regularly to its knees and now? Pure disenchantment.

Of course are a few pieces that I would not banish from my wardrobe, but the big spark is missing. The idea to follow acne and to style dresses over pants, like very, when looking closer at remember me the outfits but actually many department store chains aesthetics, and Yes, I’m ’ s a bissche hurts to say that.

What I like but are the body-remote airy silhouettes and the displacement of waisted fashion. Navel-high skirts be banned, instead the waist slip direction of hip again. Sporty chic paired with Scandinavian vanity, just forms apply silky fluttering pants and all sorts of material mixes. So far, so good. But my enthusiasm is not enough unfortunately.

Hale probably I’m going so hard with Carin Wester in the Court, because I expected the pure eye candy. Their designs shown are anything but bad of course, just they meet this time not my personal taste simply. And this is exactly why I should stop now to complain about. I’m indeed quite, quite sure that an or of you a few pieces will please others very well. Just I’m just again, arrived at a point where I just only stunned faces a hype, I can not understand and ask myself: should I find now beautiful, just because ’ s is Carin Wester?

  Photos via Stockholm fashion week.