Snowshoes: Five Models for Every Need

by | June 28, 2017

You religiously read our article on How to choose his snowshoes ? It is ok. Except that you have raged throughout the article because you had no concrete example of models that are suitable for each use? Not so fast, little rascals. Out site love you so much that it offers five models of snowshoes, for five profiles of hikers. Yes, we’re like this at Out site.

The Hike 26 SNEKA (€59):

Its asset? The price. Who says product entry-level said entry-level performance. Don’t think so not fooling around for hours in the snow with this Racquet, it could hurt. On the other hand, if you are a casual hiker, or you’re looking for cheap initiation snow shoes, for easy walks,Hike 26 will absolutely make you happy.

Technical features:
-Plastic sieves, plate bindings articulated, clamping strap, setting size rack, metal, claw before climbing.
X 20 cm
-The pair weight: 1400 g

The TRK 24 of TUBBS (€104):

A great quality/price ratio. Adapted to all types of terrain, this Racquet suit those who want to reach a milestone, and to try out the sport snowshoeing tour. Small addition to the TRK 24 of Tubbs : fixing accepts all types of shoes, and its use is remarkably simple.

Technical features:
-Sieve plastic flexible two-piece: improves comfort in irregular areas. Bindings with straps crossed in front, soft plastic and belt to the heel
-Dimensions: 20.32 x 55.88 cm
-Weight of the pair: 1542 g

The E-Move of INOOK (€139):

Inook, it’s Inook. That is the particular design snowshoes, trying to adapt best to the morphology of the hiker. Thisasymmetric model offers a real more regarding the stability and comfort of traveling on steep terrain. The only flaw of theE-move of Innok: his weight.

Technical features:
-Sieve openwork and asymmetrical. Cant correction chassis: corrects inclination of the Central plate compared to the sieve. Double-joint fasteners: following the foot without him impose a constraint.
-Dimensions: 23 x 65 cm
-Weight of the pair: 2320 g

The 227 Escape Easy of STL (€139):

This is the model of the Beefy. Proposed by TSL, a reference to snowshoeing, this model is longer, to support the strongest templates. We were told up to 140 kg for the user, you can pick up the cake. The 227 Escape Easy is for all terrains.

Technical features:
-Flexible chassis, high lift. Fixing ankle strap, kick by rack. Heel lift “Easy-up”: rotates through a simple pressure of the stick. Front claw: 6 interchangeable steel cleats.
-Dimensions: 22.7 x 74 cm
-Weight: 2120 g

Lightening ascent of MSR (€259):

Well, much to say right now, here we change the planet. A top model, without compromise. Its aluminum frame gives him a matchless lightness for a modeloff-road. The system of fixing The Lightining Ascent accepts even the bigsnowboard boots.

Technical features:
-Sieve flexible, ultra resistant. One-piece aluminum frame. Flexible fixation, freeze-resistant. Front claw, as well as two serrated crossbars for the crampon in steep terrain. Adjustable brackets for the largest shoes.
-Dimensions: 20 x 64 cm
-Weight of the pair: 1684 g

How to choose his snowshoes:

Newbie to rando snowshoes? Luckily, we’re here! Told you everything about the ideal size, different bindings, the claws and other, on article: How to choose his snowshoeing?