Shopping: 7 Pieces of the Jeans Important for the Repertoire of Male

by | November 25, 2018

What would become of civilization during the TWENTIETH century without the jeans? I bet that Levi Strauss had no idea how his invention would influence the lives of people even after more than 100 years of your appearance! Today the jeans are quite present in the repertoire of male and many parts made with this material are virtually fundamental. In the list below we list some that are a good investment, since its use is guaranteed, check out:

Shopping 7 Pieces of the Jeans Important for the Repertoire of Male

1 – Jeans basic dark

One of the types of pants that are more versatile, serves both for work and leisure, because it is neutral and discreet. Ideal for that environment that calls for a casual outfit, but contained and elegant. In the day-to-day goes as well with a raglan tshirt or a plaid shirt for a more preppy, combine with a shirt social white and a blazer that I like.

Tip: avoid to stay washing all the time or so she desbotará and loses its main feature. There are those who have specific techniques to wash this uncle of jeans, see here!


2 – Jeans destroyed

This hangs to the completely casual, but it is out of the question in the time to create looks with pieces aligned, in fact the contrast in styles can fall very well if the environment allows. If the intention is something quite relaxed, invest in look rocker, with the black shirt and coturno.

Tip: be careful with the models much ordnance, it may be an idea to slouch unwelcome.


3 – Jeans estonado

It is in the middle of the path between the destroyed and the basic, also becoming well accepted in various situations, as your visual, although cool, not enough to be flashy too. Try to use it in an outfit with a shirt of the same fabric, the same wash but different color.

Tip: beware that you have to wash very strong in the thighs, the effect can thicken the legs and draw the attention too much to the region.


4 – Jeans of course

Well relaxed, combines with the summer and is cool with a t-shirt or shirt with bright and vibrant colors, your best companion is the tennis shoes of canvas, is the slip on with the guy in the beach or All Star. Belts and lanyard bracelets nautical are also good add-ons.

Tip: this is a good jeans for use of the day, but it is not very welcome in places that ask for an outfit more in line, especially at night, prefer the estonada dark, or the basic.


5 – Bermuda jeans

Much needed as many of the bermuda chino model jeans don’t require a lot of juggling to get it right, try to combine it with a white shirt and a shoe without frills for a summer look stripped.

Tip: if the length of bermuda to spend a lot of your knees, you can bend the bars, this way you will be more fresh and the piece will not make your legs look short.


6 – Denim Shirt

With creativity it gives to combine it with a series of pieces such as vests, blazers and jackets, always in the contrast between it and the other parts or even the harmony of the visual jeans with jeans. For some time now the staff has used the denim shirt up with custom, be it cotton or wool, because the result is very modern and unusual.

Tip: take advantage of the neutrality of the denim shirt to wear the pants color that you have trouble to combine.


7 – Denim Jacket

She is certainly on the list of essential items! A good denim jacket, especially in the kind trucker, are ideal to enjoy a relaxed look with the soft vintage touch that the piece carries. If you have a fear of excess of jeans, combine it with a khaki pants and complement with a shoe that is very casual, only to exit out of the compositions more obvious with tennis.

Tip: note as well the measures when you buy online, the jacket need not be fair, but too much fabric left over also is not desirable.



  • If you are very overweight it is better to buy a model with straight cut, the very righteous may not be very well;
  • Pants with slash left shortens your leg and leaves the visual sloppy, if you are tall, bend the bar, if it is low, please adjust;
  • Effects such as the moustache of the cat tend to increase the hip, so try to avoid pieces so if you do not want to give prominence to that part of the body;