Rag & Bone and Its Customization, with Name Te Quedas?

by | September 30, 2017

The street is the best (rather unique) setting to be able to meet a number of style duels. Most of the time we can observe with our own eyes that the garment in question is a fetish of brands very business like Zara or handle, but if the duel is torn between two great bloggers, we know that the garment in question will carry the name of a (very) good brand.

And is the case today with the bomber signed by Rag & Bone: 100% customizable, during the fashion weeks they have been Look for Pernille and The Blonde Salad who agreed. With fringe skirt and cotton t-shirt or flared white trousers, both wore the garment in their own way according to thedresswizard.

Which one do you prefer?

Photos | Pernille look, Collage Vintage

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