Prepare the Backpack for Long-Haul Backpacking Trips

by | August 31, 2017

How to organize the backpack and what to carry inside? We advise you about those doubts that have those who start backpacking trips.

Are you going to start in the adventure of backpacking trips and you have doubts when preparing the backpack ? We advise you about this considering “long distance” as an independent trip of more than 2 weeks and without previous reservations aside from the flight (if necessary) before leaving. Although this is a definition is totally orientative, it is not that holidays of less than two weeks are not a great trip, but they generate a different kind of issues than we are going to raise here.

You have the destination, the ticket, the days and the money saved for that backpacker trip that you have been dreaming for so long. You leave and there is no turning back. You’ve dived all over the net, you’ve bought the latest edition of a travel guide, you’ve fried questions to all the people you know who have gone wherever you go and have even seen a documentary about the area. You have done everything in your hand to be well prepared and yet, there are still some questions that “reconcomen” you inside.

How to make backpack for long backpacker trips

Here are some tips that can help you answer those questions that every backpacker has raised before traveling:

  1. Choose a backpack according to your weight and height. The bigger the backpack the more you will fill it and it is your back that will drag it under the sun, rain and sometimes, for longer than you would like.
  2. The one-week backpack is exactly the same as the one-month backpack.Avoid the “just in case”. If you have forgotten something important, surely you can buy it in destination and also, you will collaborate with the local economy.
  3. Order with meaning what you carry inside.Leave the bottom for that which weighs the most and that you will use less daily and vice versa.
  4. Invest time in placing everything adjustableto your liking and accommodate it to the shape of your body. The back of man and woman are different and there are different models of backpack depending on sex. That little discomfort over time can turn into an injury.
  5. It is not necessary to travel witha pharmacy in tow but it is important that you take out travel insurance .Depending on which countries, medical care can cost you more than the whole trip, and in a difficult time, you will prefer to have the peace of having everything covered.
  6. Try to have all your luggage go inside the backpack. Carrying boots or other objects hanging on the outside can be very cool, but you run the risk of getting caught anywhere or lost in the first bus transfer. If you feel like personalizing your backpack put patches, colored loops or anything that you can think of but does not stand out.
  7. If something new gets into the backpack, something has to come out.You may be finding ways to optimize space to the maximum and you do not always need to leave something behind, but having this maxim in mind, you will learn to really prioritize what you need.
  8. Do not carry passport, money or other valuables in it.Whenever you are in a transfer, carry all this with you in a smaller backpack that you should not separate or go to the bathroom and you can use in day to day.
  9. And finally, the most important of all:name it. On your backpacking trip, it will be your closet, your fridge, your seat and even your pillow sometimes. It is an inert being, yes, but what minimum to give a proper name to who will be your faithful companion in the coming weeks?
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