Patches Fashion, a Trend Driven by Marc Jacobs

The trends of today revive times past, and if some time ago the ‘ 70s were the most, now there are new trends that evoke the most 80s period. and Marc Jacobs She imposed unwittingly – or trying to – a trend that is Spring-summer 2016 is going to be viral: the fashion of the patches. The clothes are filled with poppy motifs and fun wearing designs at first glance it could be very simple. Would you like to bet on new garments? Here are ideas to consider.

Seen on catwalk

Do you want to? You got it!

  • Jacket jeans with patches of Liquor & Poker, 63.99 euros.
  • Bomber khaki of Bershka, 29.99 euros.
  • Denim jacket cropped of Stradivarius, 29.95 euros.
  • Bomber oversize of Zara, 59.95 EUR.
  • Jeans with patches of Liquor & Poker, 56,99 EUR.
  • Type handle, 29.99 euros skinny.
  • Zara, 39.95 euro denim bib type.
  • Shorts jeans by Bershka 17.99 EUR.
  • Long shorts jeans Boyfriend with patches of The Ragged Priest, 91,99-Euro siren.

Define a DIY

  • With Palm trees and smiles of Mango, 9,99 EUR.
  • Of reasons surf of Bershka, 7,99 EUR.
  • With embroidered letters of Stradivarius, 5.95 euros.
  • Far West kind of Mango, 9,99 EUR.
  • With romantic motifs of Stradivarius, 5.95 euros.