Passes of The T-Shirts of Stripes, Here Are Three Different Ideas to Show Off This Pattern

by | April 8, 2017

To say that stripes are a must for the summer It is nothing new, because they are also in winter and because seasons and seasons among us. are new prints black, the print for excellence of any cabinet (even those who advocate of plain clothes and neutral colors), but not all sailor comes down to style t-shirts. There is life beyond.

You have chosen a holiday destination where temperatures are not too high and the weather is not hot?, you’re in luck, because there you can look one Blazer with horizontal stripes and brighten up your normcore looks a little.

If you want to give a touch more sailor get one with buttons in golden color, or change them yourself!

Let us nonsense, plain look is your thing, find a garment with print in your wardrobe is mission impossible and you ask to get any does not fit into your future in the short term. In cases like this the best thing is to resort to the Accessories, those small details that often we consider unimportant, and that however, they are everything.

Join the trend of bandanas and get one full of small stripes, so you feel your outfits and you’ll still maintaining the hegemony of white and black t-shirts in your closet.

How few and knowing the trends inside out girl, your wardrobe is based in key, different parts with a single seal. What better to go for a few shorts with stripes at the bottom detail?, this for example, are each by Other.