A Style for Every Day of the Week (14)

We began a new week and we turn to find with the dreaded question, what to wear? If still you have not clear what you are going to put, here are some looks that you can serve as inspiration to know what you’re going to put the seven days of the week.

Florence Welch Rock on at The New Issue of Interview

A Florence Welch We met her a year ago on Jezebel. The performed as a possible it-girl and were not very misguided since it had the ingredients to be a fashion girl: relationship with the world of music (is lead singer of the band Florence + the machine), trendy clothes and a hair fire red… Read more »

Not without My Jacket of Leather!

The leather jackets are a must for several seasons, a must have that every woman should have in the closet to weather the halftime. If you do not have yours or you want renew your wardrobe wallpaper, you’re in the right place! You can also that with a little luck you find some other discounted bargain.

Not Only from Prada Dresses to the Devil

After a parade of Prada only speaks of him what seek Miucca? how be will on the street these garments sight “complicated carry”? But the Italian fashionistas (which are many, are bold and have style), not only dress of Prada. In their country they have many interesting brands, some crazy, others sober and elegant, some very… Read more »

A Style for Every Day of the Week (15)

Sure you are tired to see clothing for stores looking for something of rebates that you can use to get this week. Garments to get very eye-catching outfits with little money and above all very stylish. We started the week giving you seven ideas to dress seven days a week and not have to worry… Read more »

Carine, Terry and The Queen

When a Photo is rare, It has the white background and the person in question poses in a strange pose only a photographer behind the camera there may be: Terry Richardson. And if it meets the former editor of Vogue France, Carine Roitfeld, we say that we are talking about a home for the I-d… Read more »

Flowers Jacket What You Fall in Love

If Givenchy already announced it in his collection fall-winter 2013 / 2014, the flowers not going to abandon us nor in autumn!, and said and done, this bridge to the most winter cold season the flowers are still very present in jackets and American bombers as the head of this post and that you can get at Mango for 59.99… Read more »

The First Day of the Milan Fashion Week

Alberta Ferretti dress The Milan Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with an eye primarily on two parades: Gucci and Alberta Ferretti. However yesterday gave to much: Paola Frani, Simonetta Ravizza, Mila Schon, John Richmond, no. 21 and Francesco Scognamiglio They also presented their proposals for the spring-summer 2013 and you can tell there is something for everyone.

HermèS Autumn/Winter in the Paris Fashion Week

Hermes Designer changed in May of last year. Christophe Lemaire He picked the baton that gave him nothing less than a great as Jean-Paul Gaultier. After seven years as head of the line for women, Gaultier left step to a designer who had renovated to Lacoste completely, improving the mark giving it new airs. In this new stage continues to… Read more »

A Style for Every Day of the Week (16)

Enters a loop when it comes to dressing up is more than usual, the human being is an animal of customs and as such we tend to lie in the choice of the same clothes, combinations of colors or “ready-made” outfits. And No. Remove calendar and pen, look good in these proposals and begins to create looks… Read more »

The Leather Jackets Are Our Inseparable Friends

Mango Indispensable part of our wardrobe Fund: they are the genuine leather jacket, our faithful friends to wear with jeans, but I assure you that they feel great with other garments. Is one of the most practical and that more we use, and best of all, it can it look for 24 hours.

Nicolas Vaudelet for Horse Autumn/Winter

Who is it Nicolas Vaudelet? Breton, with names in your curriculum such as Gaultier and Givenchy and the soul creative that it has returned to fashion, the centenarian map and a long standing signature Seville the horse. And without a doubt has this horse at the forefront of the fashion contest. During seasons his progression seemed bewildered,… Read more »

Next Stop Celebrity Fashion: Milan

These days are days of suitcase and travel to the capitals of fashion for the famous. A hard work. After seeing how soon London turn comes to fashion week in Milan which begin to arrive the first international names, such as Kate Moss.

Zac Posen in the Week of the Fashion of Paris

Zac Posen, Another great of Paris, has already participated in the Paris fashion week with proposals that we will see the next fall-winter 2010 / 2011. For Posen, your clothes are very feminine and justisimas, marking the body of the woman from top to bottom, and emphasizes the mix of fabrics.

A Style for Every Day of the Week (18)

There are morning, one gets up and looks her overflowing wardrobe and think I have nothing to wear! The issue is not the amount but how to combine garments and accessories. It does no harm to look at different fashion blogs for inspiration and take different ideas to build impact looks every day of the week.