PaetÊ Dress: The Best Tips to Shine with Your Look

Dresses are always a good request to wear on a more formal occasion. Renda, cutouts, transparencies are details that are high, but if you have an element that does not go out of fashion and that increases and modernizes any dress, this item is the paetê.

Paetê dresses have already become a fashionable classic. The word paetê comes from the French “pailleté” which means “covered with sequins”. For Juliana Burlamaqui, an image consultant, the sequin is believed to have been used since 2,500 BC. “But its original format was gold-plated metal discs, also found in India, Peru, and Egypt.” The sequins also served to beautify the clothes of the kings and the queens and were sewn in the pieces to designate wealth.

The image consultant, Maria Valentina Ferreira, said that the paetê appeared in fashion in the early 1940s, being used for the first time by Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret. However, the use of the sequin on clothing became popular in the 70s and 80s, according to information from both consultants, fueled by the fever of the “disco” era. “And through pop music in artists like David Bowie, Madonna and Michael Jackson,” says Juliana.

In Brazil, as Maria Valentina explains, the paetê became a trademark of the Chacretes, stage assistants at Chacrinha, who wore it in swimsuits. “The paetê has always been very used in fashion, but in the last three years it is more in evidence,” he points out. Already for Juliana, the paetê already had its ups and downs and, currently, it is in high. “It can often be seen on red rugs, major fashion events, music and movies, and in the collections of great stylists.”

In What Occasions Do You Wear The Sequin Dress?

The glitter dress is not suitable for day-to-day use, with the exception of more chic events. “More opaque and matte paetês can be used until the day, in events such as marriage in the late afternoon or a sophisticated party, preferring the clearest in the light of day,” says Juliana.

Maria Valentina is of the opposite opinion and believes that the paetê, even the matte, should not be worn during the day. “The dress of paetê is more appropriate for nocturnal events, much used in ballads, as well as in nocturnal marriages, dances of graduations, dancing dinners, cocktails, delivery of awards, holidays of end of year, advises.

Juliana suggests that, for a more fun event, one can wear a short sequin dress. “With a dull overlap, like a long blazer or parka.” For her, the dress should not be worn in more informal situations and at work. Of the same opinion, Maria Valentina does not suggest the paetê dress even for diurnal marriage, even when one is godmother. “You run the risk of shining more than the bride.”

Types Of Dresses And Dresses

When choosing your dress, it is important to pay attention to the type of paetê. “There are bigger and smaller sequins, both are chic will depend on their quality and how the look is mounted, to know if it is formal or casual,” explains Maria Valentina. Juliana states that smaller sequins are more chic, but that nothing prevents a dress from having a balanced blend between sequins of various sizes. “A dress with only larger sequins becomes more difficult to use and does not sharpen the silhouette,” he adds.

The dress can be long or short, can be embroidered whole or only in some parts. However, both consultants agree that short dress is the most used, because it is less formal, and go well on occasions such as weddings, cocktails, graduations and even ballads. “The long can only be used in night weddings , red carpet, black tie parties or traditional carnival dances,” adds Juliana.

Looks For You To Ride

To put on the dress with a sequin dress it is necessary to pay attention to some details. As the dress is the highlight of the look, the complements should come without much brightness and as discreet as possible. “The paetê clothing alone attracts a lot of attention. Better to produce with earring and without necklace. And shoes and neutral bags: without details, prints, embroidery and textures “, is the recommendation of the image consultant, Juliana Burlamaqui.

Maria Valentina also advises not to wear footwear with rhinestones, applications, rhinestones and embroidery. “The shoes look better in high heels, with a varnished finish, but nothing prevents you from wearing a lower shoe or even a sneaker.” Earrings should be neutral, almost invisible and the ideal bag is the clutch . “For a more modern look it is good to wear the sequin dress with a colored shoe and the bag of the color of the dress or colored purse and the shoe of the color of the dress” , ends.

1. Ballad Look

With these recommendations, three looks were assembled. The first is a suggestion to use in the ballad. All in black, only with the mouth in red to give more power to the look.

2. Look Marriage

Already this second look, is an option for formal weddings or evening party. With a long silver sequined dress there is no way you do not stand out and shine. Not to leave the look over, bet on neutral complements in black color that makes the look even more chic. The earring is discreet plus elegant yet in addition to match with all women.

3.Look Cocktail

To conclude, a chic and perfect look for cocktails. The navy blue dress is a good option for those who do not want to wear black and at the same time want to keep the formality of the colors dark.Scarpin is a classic and goes well with any style. Match with neutral lipstick and discreet earrings.

Who Can Use It

The sequin dress is suggested to all women, regardless of age or physical type . The piece is the right choice for anyone who wants to rock on a more formal occasion. “Everyone can use it, but they should take some care. The sequin dress always draws attention to the body. So you have to be in shape. If you’re overweight, choose softer shades, darker shades, “advises Maria Valentina.Juliana advises the hotter to choose a paeté on a smoother, less full-bodied texture.

“The thinner ones can wear fairer, shorter and more textured dresses. Women with more curves should prefer softer dresses, “says Juliana for women to value their curves using the sequin dress.”The woman must know her physical type, her personal style and the colors that match her skin tone,” is the tip that Maria Valentina always gives her dress.

Evening dress in light colors capture the light and thus can visually enhance the silhouette. “For this reason, those who have wide hips, for example, can wear the dress with brilliance, but with a looser modeling of dark tones, preferably in black color and attract attention to the neck and face,” teaches Maria Valentina.

10 Choices Of Sequined Dresses

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The hair may be stuck or loose as long as it is well combed. “Hair just needs to be neat for a more sophisticated look,” advises Juliana.

Care Of The Dress Of PaetÊ

The sequin dress is a very delicate piece and so it is important to take some care in the handling of your dress. A precise tip is always to pay attention to the instructions of the product label. Caring for the wash, the best way to store, if it should be ironed, all this is specified on the label. “If in doubt, call the store before washing for the first time,” says Juliana.

Maria Valentina advanced some of these guidelines for washing. “Let it soak in neutral soap for about 20 minutes, without rubbing it. It should be dried in the shade so that the garment is fully extended without folding it. “On passing the dress, she suggests that you only do it when you need it, use the part on the wrong side and the iron on the lowest temperature.

To store, it is also advisable to put it in the wardrobe on the wrong side, which reduces the risk of getting caught in some other piece and loosening the seams, and without folding it. Maria Valentina points out the TNT bag as the most suitable to keep the piece and Juliana advises to use wide-shoulder hangers if it is to hang.

More Tips For Putting On Your Look

With the help of the bloggers, new suggestions on how to assemble your look with sequin dress.The piece is suitable for more social occasions and should be avoided during the day. Lightweight add-ons help you compose a sleeker look without getting loaded. Shoes, handbags, makeup and hair should combine so that the dress is the highlight of the look. Here’s how the bloggers wear the sequin dress: