Outfit Analysis: What Is the Casual Jeans Look with Cardigan So Fascinating?

Fashion always amazes me. As I recently my current user data by Pinterest tested, I stumbled across a small sensation. Because the outfit that received the greatest attention by far last month, is casual and easy, that I can hardly believe the enthusiasm for this casual jeans look. The leisure outfit that I had pinned on common bloggers Bulletin Board for “Ü30-fashion outfits”, consists of boyfriend jeans, white T-Shirt and grey Cardigan.

Upon closer even more fashionable details in the eye but fall next to this really quiet combination of timeless fashion basics. Because it sent quite a few interesting styling methods are used in the look. And this in turn calls for an outfit analysis. So I have I seen closer, what fashion tricks here are applied and what is the fascination for this easy chic . How do the cuts, materials and colors of the outfits together? And how can you translate the look for yourself? Here you will find my findings and some thoughts about how you it conjure up “Your” own, fascinating look with small, practical variations.

Inventory: Timeless basics and ambient style accessories make the look

Especially surprised me have enormous traffic for a look that consists only of a few few, timeless fashion basics and accessories. Since the outfit was called more than 12,000 times in just a month, which is compared to all other outfits on our shared wall “Ü30-fashion outfits” with distance front.

In principle, the leisure outfit consists of the following three fashion basics:

  • a pair of boyfriend jeans in the used look
  • a further cut, white T-Shirt with round neckline
  • a dark grey flecked, longer cut knitted Cardigan in the oversize style

My conclusion on this point: there may not be more Timeless leisure classics in an outfit. And I’m now saying that almost every woman has such or similar basics in your wardrobe.

Shoes, bags and accessories, and other styling elements that are combined to form these basics are much more interesting:

  • a black leather belt with gold buckle
  • lace pumps in nude
  • a light brown rectangular bag with fringes and embossed leather
  • a horn sunglasses
  • a natural makeup with rose-coloured lips
  • a loose, low Chignon with headband in Wicker look

Now we’re getting closer. Because some important style and color elements that are essential to the harmony of the look are found among the accompanying accessories.

The style of the outfit is casual, female, of course, with traces of the ethno-chic.

While a leather belt and lace pumps in a neutral base color might actually belong to any female base wardrobe, it is above all the Pocket as well as the details of the hairstyle, that ensure that the entire outfit Gets a touch of ethno-chic. Especially the strong, reminiscent of Moroccan leather with fringe details makes a strong stylistic statement. The combination of leather with other natural materials such as Horn, cotton and wool highlights the naturalness and convenience that exudes the casual look. The elegant pumps in nude in turn represent an interesting break in style that makes the outfit as a whole and in spite of the many casual casual elements very feminine. Also the hairstyle provides a clear, female romantic touch.

Not so simple: The styling tricks of the outfits

On closer inspection, the young woman wearing the outfit, attacked pretty deep in the styling tricks. The effects this achieved the outfit for more integrated and mature ladies of different character types make quite wearable. Several fashion tricks can be identified that are likely to have less slim women:

Clutter-jeans with optical trick

The jeans are slightly carded high although at the hem, but actually not really short. She’s ankle. Since the eye with rolled pant legs but thinks the pants must be shorter, it visually extended leg. I could make a similar, sophisticated effect firmly even when an outfit by Jennifer Lopez .

Pumps in nude

In addition, the nude dark, pointed pumps high heels lengthen the leg . This makes especially in conjunction with the clutter trick significantly longer legs.

Deep V-neck instead of round neck

The casual T-Shirt actually has a slightly more circular neckline. But: a deep V-neck, which extends through the vertical line of glasses even down due to the weight of the sunglasses. The upper body is stretched and the chest in addition split, so that this body zone will appear noticeably slimmer. Not that the young woman had really needed! But if I think of more mature and stronger women, this effect is priceless and so easy to make!

Hidden hip-waist region

Although, the black belt creates a strong horizontal line that visually separates the upper body from the lower body. How wide is exactly this hip-waist zone and at what height is exactly the waist, is hidden by the long Cardigan according to SCIENCEDICT. This is good for overall stronger women, but also for a waist, something to low or to high is located.

The Central color column

The open listed by dark grey Cardigan outer, long, dark frame and creates in the center of the body a little lighter color column . Even if this is not entirely monochrome with jeans blue and white and a dark belt is interrupted, the whole thing seems but strong legs. It is also a stronger Centre – say: a small tummy – not quite so on.

Cold warm color combination

The color combination of the outfit is a cleverly produced cold warm contrast of base colors. A warm light brown, a colour, a golden belt buckle and the Horn-optics of glasses add to the cooler gray and white. The lighter blue of the look as the accent color denim suits both colour worlds. The hot details of the outfits make sure that the warm color type of young lady is better.

Sunglasses as a color clip

The sunglasses has a key role to hold together the outfit color. All nude – and grey – brown shades of the look – including the natural colouring of the wearer – again on a high point of the outfits are taken up by the various, light and dark shades in the eyewear frame. Thus, all colors are harmoniously integrated.

Exciting contrasts

Several styles and finishes contrasts make the outfit interesting. As described in the articles “6 methods, how to spice up your timeless classics”, several opposites interact:

  • The casual elegant contrast is created by casual basics from the casual wear, combined with an elegant shoe.
  • The male female contrast produced by boyfriend jeans with oversize knitwear and feminine pumps and feminine hairstyle.
  • The smooth structured contrast is taken up with different surface textures. This predominantly more textured or patterned in itself and matte surfaces are the shiny, smooth surfaces of the pump and the belt buckle.

These are the eight styling tricks that I see in the outfit. Of course, I don’t know whether the young lady has thought of all these styling benefits as she put together the outfit. The effect of these details was but obviously by many Pinterest users instinctively recognised and rewarded.

What is the fascination for the outfit and how can you benefit?

I think that is the great fascination of the look first and foremost iconographic nature. Because the combination especially radiates: portable, comfortable, uncomplicated and nevertheless woman and chic. It is a look to feel that representative may refer to the many variants of the easy chic . Last but not least on the titles of the bulletin boards on which the outfit more was pinned, is clear to read, what women think like the outfit: “This look could I wear that or something similar and would feel inside me.”

As so often is the case with good outfits, dozens of other outfits can be simple variations. Replace just individual details according to your personal taste and already, you can get the outfit to equity:

  • The pumps could be replaced with moccasins, loafers or lace-up shoes (maybe even in the Leo pattern?). Or simply help booties.
  • Instead of white T-Shirt, a white blouse – but also a light blue copy would be! -possible. Or replace the T-Shirt in the colder season just a sweatshirt or a Turtleneck.
  • If you change the bag in the ethno-chic against a lady bag or a purist tote bag, instead of a romantic hairstyle a simple braid give preference, replace the Horn-rimmed glasses with a cool model, create a completely different stylistic statement.
  • You could wear a pants even instead of the jeans.
  • A Blazer, a Biker jacket, a denim jacket or a coat instead of Cardigan would also provide a small style U-turn.
  • A denim skirt or a pencil skirt would make even rock lovers happy.
  • If a pair of sunglasses is not announced, the necessary styling job done a scarf with the matching pattern and the right node.
  • And if the length of the garments and the positioning of the belt does not say to you, just make a more favourable to you layered look with different hem lengths and a different belt position – or just leave out the belt.

Do you see what I mean? In this way, I could generate ever more ideas for similar comfortable, uncomplicated looks. All can fit put together from my existing repertoire basics and for my figure type. The iconographic simplicity of look provides the basis for many personal interpretations of the easy chic.

And they? Can you see itself in this or a similar outfit? How would you cast off the combination to feel timeless? I look forward to your ideas…

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