Notes, Quotes and Even Shopping Lists. You Can Point It All with This T-Shirt in Slate. and over Take Sunset!

by | June 23, 2017

Today everything is individualized. The whole world wants to differentiate itself, Mark your tendency and surprise with own outfits. For that reason, the custom design has become the new target of street style, we want to be unique at all! With this premise, Challky has launched its new t-shirt of slate, on which you can paint, draw, and even write your own designs. It will be only yours and no one else.

The line consists of t-shirts and sweatshirts with unisex design black and white. All garments have a front surface in Slate material. That way you can paint with chalk exactly what you think at that moment, in real time and without the need to wash. Comes with a special Eraser! What don’t you like what you’ve drawn or you don’t already feel like five minutes ago? Delete it and start again.

The idea of these shirts is that those who carry them they can tell the whole world what they think, feel or want to direct, without intermediaries and at a single glance. The possibilities are endless, since you get a smile to everyone who crosses your path to notify in advance that today don’t have a good day. And all without having to open the mouth! You only have to save in the bag a couple of chalk and Eraser.