Nicolas Vaudelet for Horse Autumn/Winter

by | September 16, 2017

Who is it Nicolas Vaudelet? Breton, with names in your curriculum such as Gaultier and Givenchy and the soul creative that it has returned to fashion, the centenarian map and a long standing signature Seville the horse. And without a doubt has this horse at the forefront of the fashion contest. During seasons his progression seemed bewildered, not timidly began but risking strong which seemed to guess their short stay Seville, but that no risks not wins and in this case seems to be no doubt winning horse.

Martial aesthetics you have defined the collection that celebrates 120 years of the firm. With firm and military step have marched past proposals that recreate some of the classics of the firm.

His review of the already seen and used in the world of the horse is splendid, as this renewal rider pants black leather from Mustbuyshirts.

Your creativity in designing accessories and make the styling of the collections is also mentioned. We will not see women wearing similar hats but look at them in a parade cheers the fashionista spirit.

Beautiful proposal that exudes air of centuries thanks to ham sleeves and is updated thanks to plug-ins and narrowness of the 90s. The pencil skirt, if we don’t have one we get it already.

Little by little the martial airs, reminiscences of the aviators of the world wars, the perfect jackets and military tones were coming to the fore and causing admiration.

How do not touch red, fair, and necessary to be at the forefront and not in the rearguard. Legging boots drew attention.

Seasoned sophistication of feathers and nude shades.

And the final auction of dresses of princesses who attend the Goyas or the Oscars.