New Online Shop with Large Sizes: Peter Hahn

I still not having had this shop on the list of my 50 online stores

But now!

Peter Hahn was already a term, but that large sizes are not. There’s not only the House brands as “Peter Hahn plus” and “Anna aura”, but also known high-quality brands such as Brax, Doris Streich, NYDJ, Spanx, Samoon, just a few to name Elena Grunert.

The plus size range of plus-size-tips is still quite open, with approximately 450 articles currently must you not spending hours out surf to find something suitable. I find it pleasant. Here goes directly to the larger sizes BB´s.

As almost always unattractive: the slim models in terms of large size.How should we imagine how the dress in size 52 looks when it is presented by a 36/38 model? Well, can still come.

Overall, Peter Hahn stands for high-quality fashion in the best quality. The large-size range includes the sizes 42-56.

In addition to online can be purchased in one of the 16 nationwide distributed fashion houses. The shipping is 5.95 euros, from a purchasing value of 500 euro, Peter Hahn delivers free home.

Among others there are here jeans by NYDJ.

There always by these jeans that they should sit so perfectly. Because I rather hate to wear jeans can I say nothing, but happy about comments!EMERGENCY YOUR DAUGHTER’S JEANS says himself: excellent fit for feminine curves – NYDJ lifts and shapes feminine curves through the revolutionary “Criss-Cross” bet as well as the sophisticated “lift & tuck” – technology. The result: Not only the belly has a flatter and the buttocks firmer – NYDJ shapes the silhouette as a whole and makes one size slimmer seem. That sounds so promising.

Size 42-56 for 139,95 EUR.

All models shown can be found in the online shop of Peter Hahn at the larger sizes: click here and have fun browsing!