New in Berlin: Weekday Store N°2

Since yesterday evening Berlin can be happy about a new darling of Sweden: weekday is now twice represented in our capital city. For some is and remains a junk shop along the lines of the parent company H & M, for us it is a wonderfully inexpensive alternative to the beloved Scandinavian design and therefore an absolute shopping Mecca. All the more we have to store no.. II looking forward and were yesterday, when the official store opening on the new Schonhauser Straße, not disappointed.

On 260 m², sales area awaits a new and inviting weekday design that tinkerers grew into a functioning wellness concept after more than a year. Responsible for the new Interiorgefuhl are the Berlin designer Pierre Gonzales & Judith Haase, who have managed to tame the most diverse collections of Sweden, to conjure up a hat and so emits are the individual pieces. Without losing the overview, we will be in the jeans Empire, in the accessory land or to navigate to the different collaborations and us there very well find their way.
To the invitation but not only we made the pilgrimage of Jane’s, but also feels like a thousand Bloggerkollegen, as well as the entire weekday supporters. The sidewalk was firmly in the hands of the guests and the road was declared to the weekday party mile. Finish the feast could actually only the police – and she did then also against 10: 30. Weekday had obviously prepared and moved the fan base in the KTV to further celebrate the birth.

The new store convinced so once and corrected my first thoughts, why open two weekday stores in close proximity to each other: they differ: in their discovery maze, in its presentation and the feeling that they give us. Should the music now not just rattle, like the pilot store on Friedrichstrasse, could the new weekday in the new Schonhauser Straße to the become my favorisierteren shop – and would therefore only a few Katzenprünge from the Office. Oh, dangerous dangerous.

Merci for good music by Kriget, a goodie bag with pretty cheap Monday ring, free drinks, burgers, the world’s best cupcakes from Friedrichshain, nice people and a really nice evening. Good luck with the new store!