Moschino & Prada Spring Summer 12: Gardening Meets Car Wash – Fashion Fun Again.

by | March 26, 2017

Every now and again it happens that collections of great designer „ sweet “ are. Usually this puderzuckerhaftigkeit joins however a whole catwalk career. No surprise that the minds behind the mega labels usually fulfil. Similarly, with the dark, straight, preppy fashion houses – also they like to cavort in familiar material spheres, their innovation thoughts was sometimes rather in detail.

So it came also, that last week a loud „ uuuuuh “ hissed through the ranks of the frontrow, because with what madame muccia prada fashion week audience presented probably few would have expected. Playful, what we see is milk shake color and printed. „ sweetness. “ – way the designer himself summed up her collection for next spring. The thing with the cuteness but already on time girlish playful was collection 2012. to the resort with a shot of damenhaftem shame started what we saw at the time and currently again see. At prada. When a favorite luxury house in the top 10,000. the 50s be revived again, acts as a style, pencil skirts made of leather girls, scenes that remind david lynchs heroines and combined result muffin sounds cowgirl associations call for pin up taken together marylin monroe’s style from the seven year itch the cute little potpourri of luxury-mademoiselle. Cadillacs prints dressed half playful, half childish by the entire enhance, equally remind us of game ceiling and grease, the footwear could be hardly hardly playful with all the flames details – prada is really serious? And how.

The time of the credo is

Over distinguished the world perish, past the stiff tea party in the much too tight costume. Courage must you again have and celebrate the own sweet weiblickkeit colors. Feminists are now loudly cry out, finally a man dream come true with this collection: women and cars, what’s better. But moschino cheap and chic proves that it is time to put fashion on the goldwage not more often. Have fun, be free and doing what you want. Disguise yourself and lives, that is just you. You can fight for his rights in the pink dress and be very race woman. Yes.

Moschino cheap & chic.