Monkey, Your Garment Wildcard for This Fall

by | April 21, 2017

The monkeys they have become an indispensable item for varied and sophisticated styles. Short, long, with lace, asymmetric, prints or smooth… with them can create off-roader looks to be perfect at any time, 24 hours a day. Certainly, a turn on wild card to wear this fall. Would you like to see a style for every moment?

Monkey day

The Monkey day they are very versatile and ideal for halftime. Feminine and stylish, this piece is perfect for a meeting of work, a meal or after work. The denim version is more casual but successful for a day of shopping or for a drink on a terrace, taking advantage of the last days of summer.

  • Mono floral print of Tintoretto 69.95 EUR
  • Mono Kocca denim 179,00 EUR
  • Canale of Zara grey jumpsuit 25.95 euros

Night monkeys

Night of dinner and dancing with friends or partner must be fun and sophisticated, as well as your look. So bet by a sensual back air APE, asymmetries the neckline or combination of fabrics… a design different, attractive and feminine to be the envy of the evening.

  • BDBA jumpsuit with silver grille 647,00 euros
  • Monkey with Swiss dot of Zara with appliqué details 25.95 euros
  • Monkey pants campaign of Asos 32,99 EUR

Monkey guest

The monkeys for guest are a perfect choice to go to a party or a wedding. Elegant, sophisticated and increasingly with more and different versions, the jumpsuit have become a very versatile choice for events. So if you have wedding in view, considers this piece and forget the classic dress.

  • Single cover of handle Premium Garnet 169,99 EUR
  • Green monkey Tintoretto 89,95 EUR
  • Asos asymmetric red monkey 44,99 EUR.
  • Mono layer of Zara 49,95 EUR