Mistakes to Avoid When Ironing Jacket

by | May 1, 2017


If we have a jacket single or part of a complete, to stretch it properly, you have to follow strict guidelines, to avoid making mistakes that might be irreparable. In that regard, here’s a list, in which there are 5 mistakes to avoid in iron the jacket.

Use the iron too hot

Use the iron’s too hot, it’s a mistake to be avoided because some fabrics especially transparencies, may become cloudy and even the seams be affected by the excessive heat. The ideal is to choose the right temperature as instructed by the brand manufacturer of iron itself, or to those reported in the label, if it is a jacket is not coming from a private tailor.

Use a colored cloth as intermezzo

A good habit for ironing the fabrics in a perfect way, you definitely have to interpose between the fabric and the iron a white cotton cloth, so as to avoid too much heat loss of luster and possible burns. Use a colorful as intermezzo, may prove to be a fatal mistake, as it may stain the jacket making it useless.

Iron the jacket too dry

Another mistake to avoid when we stretch a jacket, is to do it with the fabric too dry; in fact, especially of wool or with a heavy texture, must be constantly sprayed with a spray steam iron and ironing board. In this way it is possible to preserve all the structural features of the jacket, especially if they are of great value and is part of a complete.

Use the iron with a wrong program

The latest generation of flat irons come with a knob that turns out very serviceable; in fact, it serves to avoid using a wrong program for ironing hanging fabrics. If the jacket is linen, satin, velvet or other cloth, the adjustment of the above iron knob, allows us to stretch the jacket without fear and with excellent results from an aesthetic point of view.

Use an iron not properly clean

An error that if committed is trivial and therefore preventable, is certainly to use an iron not properly clean. The problem is that if we ironed of synthetics such as rayon, some remnants of this fibre, may remain attached under the base of the iron, and damage the tissue that make up the jacket itself. A thorough cleaning with alcohol or vinegar, it is therefore highly recommended after each ironing.