Minimarket For Fall: Inspired By Predate And Valkyries

There are always brands that you feel particularly drawn to. What they want and we just make can inspire yet again. Even if they attack the one or the other time besides – with their designs, their colour schemes or their as position – we stand fully behind them. Struggling uncritically and excuses we meet when it comes that the label has taken maybe once, not quite the liking. Nonetheless, we remain the most loyal fans. Mini market is as a label for me and the perfect example at this point. Because even if the runway photos of the S/S 2012 less convinced us at first glance, I formally then search to find them beautiful and to call one or the other detail as outstanding.

Winter collection “Vikingi“ it looks fortunately quite different, because the voluminous silhouettes, the skilful location looks and material mixes of coarse knitting and fine silks, warm Bordeaux red, that neatly makes what her courageous combined with orange and pink as well as much black and especially the latest copies of the shoe drag me now magically fascinate.

It is up to the genius of the Scandinavian brands, which is characterised by a certain understated elegance and me repeatedly with clever details around the finger wraps or am I minimarket just expire? I don’t know, because I can not bring objectivity at this point. I just know that this year must definitely consider a pair of Nice shoes in my closet. No matter how I financially will do.

Inspired by Vikings and Valkyries an expressive and slightly mystical collection, perfectly prepared us with their warm earth tones for the winter time created minimarket for this season. The gentle and flowing materials enhance the wonderful portability and the entire collection could become pleasant companions of everyday life for me. The slightly psychedelic looking prints created in collaboration with the illustrators Martin Bergström and Klaus Haapaniemi and reflect typical symbols of that era: peacocks and beads were for power and importance and not infrequently carried over as small treasures of travel from Asia.

I am in any case expire – not only in the shoes.

There is of course more looks and a matching video on the website of mini market – and: you can order the pieces even now directly home!