May We Introduce: Rayan Odyll & His Mystical Collection “Superman“

by | March 16, 2017

Rayan Odyll might even model – his expression, his defined face and his demeanor suggest anyway. The 24 Düsseldorf but everything seems to be too boring and that’s why he takes us for two seasons on his breathtaking journey into a mystical world of fabric between imagination and vision for the future.

Under the provocative title the Superman, collection takes us his current autumn/winter 2011 in distant galaxies. While we lose us so in star pictures and various shades of the color spectrum in the world and admire elaborate finishes and this concentrated passion that seems to flow through each of his pieces, it involves Odyll rather a fictitious ideal people. A man who reinvents itself, a man who is finally freed from the crushing reality. With its presentations and Entwufen arises deliberately against the pabulum of young designers, uses complex cutting guides on free drap Pier foundations, and creates Sihouetten reminiscent of sculptures of the Greek mythology. And then there is the conscious break, the bawdy zippers, nestled on gentle and noble materials and it assets, the gateway to a new, to open another world.

From the draped top with accessories up to the shoe – Rayan Odyll created his entire collection alone and completely renounces the use of third-party pieces. Also the Weltraumprints are not x any elected, but come from the available provided recordings of NASA and serve as a metaphor for the unexplored realms – be wust being enlargement of the „ supermen “. As a great lover of the Galaxy prints can and we do therefore not continue ignore Rayan Odyll and fervently hope that so much passion and love is expressed to detail even in many other collections.

The 24 year old Rayan Odyll studied at the AMD Dusseldorf fashion design and later moved to the design Department – Academy of fashion and communication in Dusseldorf. The creative Kopchen was allowed to take small excursions into the world of the great models: with Haute Couture Designer Ali Romoo as well as you and Carolyn Massey was the men’s fashion houses Wintle already he can prove. Moreover, Odyll Giles Deacon supported collection at the completion of his spring/summer 2010 for the Paris shows. We are sure: we hear so much from Rayan Odyll – his great designs, his nice-sounding name, and his passion for the craft likely to him quite helpful being.